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Synonyms for bicorn

a cocked hat with the brim turned up to form two points


Related Words

having two horns or horn-shaped parts

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PARIS, Muharram 19, 1436, Nov 12, 2014, SPA -- Napoleon Bonaparte's famous bicorn hat is up for auction and on display next to the chateau where the French general lived when he wasn't leading troops into battle across Europe, AP repoerted.
Bidders could claim one of the emperor's famous bicorn hats (300,000 [euro] - 400,000 [euro]), or a plate from his quartiers generaux personal dinner service on St Helena (made by Sevres; 80,000 [euro] - 100,000 [euro]).
Wearing an unbuttoned greatcoat and his familiar bicorn hat, the emperor strikes the classic "Napoleonic pose" familiar to every French schoolchild, his left hand thrust into his waistcoat and holding a spyglass in his right.
sr.o., ktera provadi udrzbu mistnich komunikaci spolecne se spolecnosti Reno Sumava a.s., dale firma Bicorn s.r.o., Praha, ktera je dodavatelem energie.
The arc of the light left a brief trace, sometimes demarking the beginnings of a plateau curve, a parabola, a bicorn.