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convex on both sides

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None of the modern species observed by us combines a many-nerved utricle, short beak, biconvex narrowly elliptical achene and style non-jointed until to 1/3 or 1/2 of the achene's length.
5) SSEH, which is usually biconvex shaped, should be differentiated from subdural hematomas, which normally appears as a semilunar lesion.
This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit that includes a cardboard cut-out with a prefixed ceramic disk magnet, an eyepiece with two prefixed biconvex lenses, separator, neodymium ring magnet, Velcro pieces and an elastic head band.
The scientists reported fewer complications and faster healing among the 12 infants who underwent the new procedure and, after three months, a clear, regenerated biconvex lens in all of the patients' eyes.
When the flat cardboard was folded, secured and paired with a set of biconvex lenses and a cellphone, it became the Google Cardboard viewer (starting at $20), a low-tech virtual reality headset that readers could use to experience special Times content in immersive, 360 degrees.
SIGMA]]([alpha]) of bistarlike functions of order [beta] and biconvex functions of order ft, corresponding to the function classes [s.
This coupling is probably due to the biconvex design of the C1-C2 articulation negligible at C1 and C2, The instantaneous axes of rotation (IAR) for C1-C2 articulation are somewhere in the region of the middle third of the dens for flexion-extension and in the center of the dens for axial rotation.
The implants provide innovative functionality such as a biconvex web structure that distributes the load over a larger surface area at the endplate interface to minimise subsidence.
Description: Miospore, trilete, amb originally circular to sub circular, distorted due to compressional folds, imparting typical oval or arcuate appearance to the spore, lete distinct, labra sharply developed, raised straight to sinuous, arms of leasurae never extending 1/4 spore radius, a large biconvex compressional fold, intersect rest of the folds at right angle, exine infragranulate 1 m thick.
The design is based on biconvex converging lens because there is plenty theoretical knowledge about it.
Therefore, many authors use direct MRI targeting of the STN currently and we also set the target of STN according to the previous report that indicated the STNs were visible as biconvex hypointense structures located in the upper mesencephalon by using of coronal T2-weighted images [Figure 3]a and b.
I is convex, and I is biconvex if it is both convex and coconvex.
sigma]] ([phi]) of Ma-Minda biconvex functions, as a special case of [M.