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convex on both sides

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If we change the biconvex design in the artistic part, the practical function cannot be realised, indicating that the artistic value and practical function cannot be separated conceptually.
The Lentis Mplus LS-312 MF is the first commercially available refractive rotational asymmetry IOL and is a biconvex acrylic single-piece IOL containing a sector-shaped near-vision area with a +3.00 D addition (add) (+3 D for LS-312 MF 30; +1.5 D for LS-312 MF 15) [3] and an aspheric distance-vision zone.
1) "8" shape, 2) "S" shape, 3) ring, 4) triangular, 5) quadrilateral, 6) biconvex, 7) reniform, 8) oval, 9) condyle in two parts, 10) irregular.
In vertebrates the crystalline lens is a biconvex transparent structure, which helps light to focus on the retina.
Each eye-stalk contains an optic vesicle that houses a biconvex lens, two separate retinas, and a concave mirror (Dakin, 1910; Barber et al., 1967).
Type 2 is biconvex curvilinear echogenic structure with acoustic shadowing, and the Type 3 pattern is irregular clumps of echoes with posterior acoustic shadowing.
are biconvex and don't fit snugly next to the primary lens, making them more likely to rub the iris or actually pop through the pupil.
The implants provide functionality such as a biconvex web structure, which distributes the load over a larger surface area at the endplate interface to minimize subsidence.
The time scale required for changing shell shape (plano-convex to biconvex) or surface texture would be greater than the lifespan of individuals.
They consist of flexible hinged haptics, which push a single biconvex optic anteriorly on ciliary contraction.
[1] estimated the ultimate thickness of PC biconcave and biconvex lenses using the CAE tool and evaluated the quality of the optical lens based on the number and location of weld lines and air-traps.
diameter ZnSe lenses of 100 mm focal length (f for the biconvex lens, -1000 mm f for the plano-concave lens, and 1000 mm f for the plano-convex lens.
Computed tomography scan (CT) of the brain revealed one mound-shaped lesion with biconvex dural contact in the right cerebellum with heterogeneous contrast enhancement (Figure 1).
Subsequently, in 1967, Brannan and Clunie [2] introduced bistarlike functions and biconvex functions similar to the familiar subclasses of univalent functions consisting of strongly starlike, strongly convex, starlike, and convex functions and so on and obtained estimates on the initial coefficients conjectured that [absolute value of ([a.sub.2])] [less than or equal to] [square root of 2] for bistarlike functions and [absolute value of ([a.sub.2])] [less than or equal to] 1 for biconvex functions.