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concave on both sides

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Full Eulerian simulations of biconcave neo-Hookean particles in a Poiseuille flow, Computational Mechanics 46: 147-157.
The focal length f of the complete (biconcave) film-waveguide lens (with its two plane-concave halves) is supposed to be equal to the resonator length L (L = f).
[1] estimated the ultimate thickness of PC biconcave and biconvex lenses using the CAE tool and evaluated the quality of the optical lens based on the number and location of weld lines and air-traps.
In contrast, flat reaming removes less bone than convex reaming in biconcave glenoids.
RBCs in a healthy state have a biconcave shape with a diameter of 6-8 [micro]m and a thickness of about 2 [micro]m at the edges and about 1 [micro]m at the center [1].
The healthy RBC has biconcave morphology, as shown in Figure 2(a) "Control," which gives elastic and biorheological properties.
The prescribed quantity of lansoprazole nanosponges, polymers and excipients (Table 2) were mixed homogeneously and the mixture was then compressed into tablets (100 mg) using an 8 mm, biconcave punches on a 'Rimek mini press 16 station rotary compression machine.
The erythrocytes membrane did not maintain its biconcave shape after being treated with 0HFe and slight destruction of cell membrane was observed in Fig.
Description:Pollen grain, monocolpate, amb oblong to oval elliptical, extremities rounded or blunt, colpus distinct, extending full length of grain, colpus broad in middle with sharp ends, usually marked by parallel, exinal folds on sides, folds Plano convex or biconcave in some cases additional intexinal folds may accompany the major folds, exine laevigate, 1.5 m thick.
Normal biconcave red cells are pliable and can easily squeeze through the microcirculation, but owing to their elongated shape, sickle cells are not as flexible.
The TFC demonstrates low signal intensity on all sequences and a smooth, biconcave morphology, attaching to the hyaline cartilage of the radius at one margin, and to the ulnar styloid and fovea at the other margin as two low-signal bands (Figure 8).
Apoptotic changes in erythrocytes concern also: the chemical composition (decrease in content of glutathione and calcium cations and increase in content of methemoglobin, oxidized lipids and sodium cation), the structure of erythrocyte membrane (translocation of phosphatidylserine from the internal to the external monolayer, loss of peripheral membrane proteins, disturbance of lipid asymmetry) and morphological features (change of shape from biconcave to spherical, decrease in size through shrinking, changes of surface from smooth to that with bulge.
18 Krenkel ch: Axial anchor" screw (lag screw with biconcave washer) or Slanted screw" plate for osteosynthesis of fractures of mandibular condylar process.
Biconcave fractures occur when the central height of vertebral body is less than the anterior and posterior height and crush fractures occur when the total height of vertebral body is less than the height of the adjacent vertebral body.