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Bicolored white-toothed shrews as reservoir for borna disease virus, Bavaria, Germany.
Delegates heard that Bicolored Apples from Europe are harvested manually and are compliant with high standards of hygiene and internal values, and are assessed for ripeness, starch, Brix and firmness.
The aim of the visit was to convince the guests that bicolored apples, despite their departure from Arabic standards, can also be tasty and a rich source of nutritients.
The majors and minors are darker, bicolored, with the head and gaster dark brown, and the mesosoma and legs reddish brown.
On average, about a third of cells that left the tumor migrated as bicolored clumps of cells.
Latin Lady bicolored red roses were used to create duchess roses that were carried by the attendants.
While space constraints prevent us from providing details in this extended abstract, we mention that in [8] we define a sorting index and cycle number for bicolored matchings in a fashion analogous to what we will show for ordinary matchings.
Our House Mouse sample consisted of 2 color variants: 75 (68%) were of typical uniform dark coloration and 36 (32%) were bicolored, with white on the ventral side.
Boskoop Ruby is deep crimson, Lena is bicolored red and yellow, and Apricot Gem an orange yellow.
eglandular or glandular, villous, lacking in hoary pubescence); b) markedly bicolored leaves that are whitish to pale ochroleucous below due to a dense and uniform indument of tightly and irregularly contorted hairs (vs.
On Jupiter itself, the dark South Equatorial Belt--which vanished for most of 2011--had returned as of May as a bicolored pair of bands: red-brown and gray.
Green varieties generally have tangy citrus overtones, sometimes with a spicy-sweet flavor; yellow types tend to be mild and sweet; bicolored types such as Pineapple or Old German are often fruity; and black varieties such as Black Krim are complex and intense, often described as smoky and rich.
Some have orange blooms; others scarlet or bicolored. Full sun or part shade.
Dozens of short vertical shafts were dug, resulting in the production of several hundred kilograms of green, blue and bicolored (red-green or blue-green) tourmaline crystals.