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Although now mostly lost, white lime normally filled the incised lines, giving a more stunning look: perhaps these vessels should be seen as bichrome (red, black and white) rather than simply bichrome black and red.
While the shapes are standard and the overall surface colour uniform, the bichrome effects are at once deliberate and free and unpredictable.
Cypriot Bronze Age potters had the skill and ability to control firing and achieve either a uniform red colour to a common standard or a formally structured interior and exterior bichrome effect.
For example, the presence of Philistine bichrome pottery at Tel Masos II, which is absent from 'Arad XII and the Negev "fortresses," might indicate an earlier date.
These include the appearance of the hooked stick / spearthrower and the regular occurrence of bichrome figures in both areas.
Two complexes, Erota and Inangne, are exceptional as they have high numbers and high proportions of bichrome motifs; both sites are also unusual in that they consist of single-shelter site complexes.
The more recent paintings include a small suite of large (2-3 metre), dramatic, bichrome paintings and unpatinated poundings or abradings on vertical panels.
The major change appears to have been the introduction in the recent past of large, bichrome paintings repainted during local maintenance rituals.
The typology developed by Patricia Bikai at Tyre (1973-1974)--the succession of Bichrome by Red Slip and the western export of the latter--effectively describes the ceramic repertoires from Sarepta (Area II, Y) and the Khalde necropolis.
The attributes of the atywerrenge-designs recorded to date (Table 1) show a range of motif types produced as either unpatinated poundings or abradings, or as bichrome paintings.
At Kwerlpe, the only Central Australian complex with high numbers of paintings and peckings, the paintings consisted of both restricted and open shelters with bichrome motifs.
The only distinctive Dreaming-designs are the large poly- and bichrome paintings that invariably have multivalent meanings and were ritually retouched (Dreaming type A).
71 the reference to an example of bichrome decoration on bowls on fig.
Athienou in Cyprus produced the prototypes of Philistine bichrome pottery of Late Mycenaean IIIC:1b style, in large quantities and in context.
Among the remains were a palace with hearths; a large temple with many cultic objects; and vast quantities of locally-made Philistine pottery, both Mycenean IIIC:1B style monochrome and the later derivative bichrome style.