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Although this may true, we also want to point out that Cocoyol's wash-like cream slip which allows the paste color to come through, seems to intend the creation of a bichrome, in contrast to Pital Cream with its hard, thick waxy slip.
Although now mostly lost, white lime normally filled the incised lines, giving a more stunning look: perhaps these vessels should be seen as bichrome (red, black and white) rather than simply bichrome black and red.
One of the most frequently cited examples is the change in the Canaanite ceramic repertoire at the beginning of the Iron Age with the introduction of the Philistine Bichrome style, especially new forms such as the side-spouted strainer jug and the deep bowl or skyphos.
The main image at Marrngunj is a bichrome (black and white pigment) X-ray painting of a human figure.
RED CLOVER SEED COATS may be monochrome yellow or purple, but the majority of seeds are bichrome with various proportions of both colors.
Chunks of Phoenician bichrome pottery lay scattered around Doreen's skeleton.
Gath expanded and prospered through IrI (twelfth-eleventh centuries) with each stage of Philistine pottery represented in predominantly domestic occupation: Philistine 1 (= Myc IIIC: 1 or Philistine Monochrome), Philistine 2 (Bichrome of mid-IrI), and Philistine 3 (late monochrome with debased forms and decoration of late IrI) (pp.
(1990): "The bichrome art period in the Kimberley, Australia", Rock Art Research, 7, pp.
These include the appearance of the hooked stick / spearthrower and the regular occurrence of bichrome figures in both areas.
For example, the presence of Philistine bichrome pottery at Tel Masos II, which is absent from 'Arad XII and the Negev "fortresses," might indicate an earlier date.
Two complexes, Erota and Inangne, are exceptional as they have high numbers and high proportions of bichrome motifs; both sites are also unusual in that they consist of single-shelter site complexes.
The attributes of the atywerrenge-designs recorded to date (Table 1) show a range of motif types produced as either unpatinated poundings or abradings, or as bichrome paintings.
The typology developed by Patricia Bikai at Tyre (1973-1974)--the succession of Bichrome by Red Slip and the western export of the latter--effectively describes the ceramic repertoires from Sarepta (Area II, Y) and the Khalde necropolis.
71 the reference to an example of bichrome decoration on bowls on fig.
Athienou in Cyprus produced the prototypes of Philistine bichrome pottery of Late Mycenaean IIIC:1b style, in large quantities and in context.