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a salt of the hypothetical dichromic acid


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Gum Bichromate prints could be called "photographically controlled watercolors".
Analyzed by the Winkler method, it is expressed in mg /l [6].COD is the amount of oxygen required to oxidize the organic material (biodegradable or not) of water using an oxidant, the bichromate of potassium.
Most of the patients showed positive reaction to nickel sulfate (5 cases) and potassium bichromate (5 cases).
The transferring of photographic images onto ceramics by using the gum bichromate system began in the 19th century.
The works show a wide variety of printing methods including platinum/palladium, cibachrome, cyanotype, gum bichromate, polaroid image transfers, copper plate photogravure, photopolymer engravings and gelatin silver prints.
When creating the works in this show, Azeroual said he worked with "ultraviolet-sensitive emulsion, made of pigments of the desired tint, Arabic gum and potassium bichromate."
Caption: "The Flatiron", 1904 by Edward Steichen Gum bichromate over platinum print.
The other method of weakening the anthrax germ, developed chiefly by Roux and Chamberland, was to use the chemical potassium bichromate to oxidize the germ.
As the high-quality reproductions in Gertrude Kasebier: The Complexity of Light and Shade also reveal, she used a range of photographic techniques, from velvety, detailed platinum prints to painterly gum bichromate photographs, as in her 1907 portrait of the painter John Sloan (Fig.
The resulting effects are visually similar to the soft-focus and richly textured carbon and gum bichromate prints produced at the end of the 19th century by pictorialist photographers such as Robert Demachy (1859-1936), Frank Eugene (1865-1936), and Anne Brigman (1869-1950), who enlisted painterly techniques to elevate the medium of photography into the realm of fine art.
All of these prints are handmade using traditional and very time-consuming methods--such as platinum, gum bichromate, gum over platinum, bromoil and oil print processes--each requiring the skills of an accomplished photographer and artist.
* Kali bichromicum (Potassium bichromate): Intense, pressing pain in the cheeks, forehead, and bridge of nose.
(2002) reported that under oxidising conditions, Cr is highly soluble and mobile as the Cr(VI) anion chromate (Cr[O.sub.4.sup.2-]) and bichromate (HCr[O.sub.4.sup.-]) and that it is a suspected carcinogen.
The concentration of VFA was determined with gas-liquid chromatography (Kochanov and Tulupov 1979); the concentration of cellulose after removal of lignin, hemicelluloses, and other substances was determined by oxidation with bichromate potassium in sulphoacid solution to carbonic acid and water.
In these patents he outlined a process to expose a photograph onto a metal plate coated with potassium bichromate in order to etch the plate and create a printable surface.