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Synonyms for bichloride

a compound containing two chlorine atoms per molecule


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Indications for hemodialysis fell into three categories: acute tubular necrosis from trauma, incompatible blood transfusions, hemorrhage, shock, ingestion of sulfonamide drugs, ethylene glycol, bichloride of mercury, or inhalation of carbon tetrachloride; diseases --acute glomerulonephritis, necrotizing renal papillitis, flare up of chronic kidney disease or acute pyelonephritis; patients who have ingested poisons that were dialyzable --bromides, barbiturates or salicylates.
In this population, directly exposed workers and managers were sensitized to nickel sulfate and cobalt bichloride. The interpretation of nickel sulfate and cobalt bichloride patch test results remains difficult, owing to private environmental exposure [35].
The manuscript "Nick lay in bed in the hospital" shows a wounded Nick who takes a bottle of "bichloride" from his bedside table and "shove[s] it under the bed clothes" (II).
Terms like Nitrogen Bichloride, Chlorine, and Chlorine Dioxide are common bleaching agents not listed on the package.
Synthesis of [(2,6-Dimethylphenylamido) (Fluorenyl) Diphenylsilanej Titanium(IV) Bichloride (3c)
In 1879 Keeley first combined the special ingredients of his "Bichloride of Gold" nostrum, followed a few years later by the creation of the august-sounding Keeley institute in Dwight, Illinois.