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having two heads

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Because of the bicephalous character of the executive under the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, and due to the new balance within the constitutional arrangement, there was, after 1962, a new possibility for president and parliament, directly elected by the people, to be synchronized.
in an exchange with the canine that trails the likes of the bicephalous Mrs.
In the first part Belich lays out the book's impressive thesis, arguing that divergent paths were set up in the Anglo-World when the American colonies broke from British rule in 1780s and left the globe with a bicephalous Anglo-speaking realm.
The representation model chosen by the European Economic Community was bicephalous, one delegate coming from the commission and another delegate from the country holding the presidency.
Queen Mary's bedroom is decorated with furniture that combines Art-Nouveau, Byzantine and Renaissance elements; hexagonal small tables with an Art-Nouveau set, the ones sculpted with Romanian rosettes, the rustic chair, and the Neo-Brancovan light armchair with the bicephalous vulture (Petcu N, 2003).