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Synonyms for bicentennial

the 200th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

of or relating to or completing a period of 200 years


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As an official Bicentennial Project, Summer Place has a listing on the state's website and inclusion in its announcements and programs.
Over one kilometre of power and communications conduits were used throughout the project to provide power to 12 street lights in Fitzroy Street, 22 lights in Bicentennial Park and communications for Wi-Fi and CCTV to three new poles in Bicentennial Park and three in
The Bicentennial National Conference will be held tomorrow from 9am to 4pm.
Then, as part of the statewide Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration, the filmmakers will present a culmination of this venture, entitled "Mississippi Bright Spots: A Bicentennial Project," in Jackson on December 8 at the Crossroads Film Festival.
Beginning in 2017, the Alabama Bicentennial Commission will kick off a three-year commemoration period and launch significant projects and initiatives—such as traveling history exhibitions and professional development for teachers—that will serve the entire state.
Approximately six years ago, members of the Millbury Bicentennial Committee started planning a one-year celebration of the town's 200th anniversary.
George's bicentennial year will see a steady stream of events including:
To find out how your farm can be certified for centennial, sesquicentennial, and now bicentennial status, visit www.
Travel Business Review-August 17, 2012--Event at Auburn University to commemorate bicentennial of War of 1812, Creek War(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR REPORTS that Six Nations pulled out of a War of 1812 bicentennial opening ceremony after being pushed to the last, unofficial minutes of the program.
These data allow direct estimation of parameters of a single bicentennial cycle, while the model of the bicentennial UT1 variations consists of several oscillations with close frequencies and the determination of their parameters needs millennial time span data.
In 1976, Brian Carney and some prankster friends decided to sneak onto the Joliet Junior College campus and steal the American and bicentennial flags.
THE Border Union Agricultural Society, which runs the two-day Border Union Show in Kelso, has announced an ambitious plan of events to mark its bicentennial year.
Japanese pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii and China-born Yundi Li will give piano recitals as part of the Chopin Bicentennial celebration, which is a core theme in this year's festival.
In the balcony area, LED washlights, PAR38 and theatrical PAR fixtures illuminate the bicentennial organ, the stained-glass rose window and the choir, respectively, while in the chancel, track-mounted PAR30 fixtures brighten the altar and chancel choir and PAR38 track heads make the reredos shine.