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Synonyms for bibulous

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

Synonyms for bibulous

given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol

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He is not just the bibulous agent of bathos, who modulates the resurging-flow-of-life DeQuincey famously perceived in MacDuff's knocking at the gate, but also the identifier of Macbeth's own rise and fall.
Like Mexico, South America has its own bibulous traditions in pisco (the brandy native to Peru and Chile) and cachaca, Brazil's national spirit distilled from sugarcane juice.
13, 1905, at 6 (reporting that the liquor license of a Chinese restaurant had been revoked and that "[i)t is not likely that another license will be granted to a Chinese restaurant keeper as the mayor considers them incapable of handling boisterous, bibulous Americans").
In the mid-1980s, while completing my belated doctoral work at the University of Oklahoma, I stumbled into MHRR quite by accident when, as I detailed in my contribution's introduction to Barbara Heifferon and Stuart Brown's 2008 anthology, my clinical psychologist father-in-law casually suggested to my colleague (and technical writing specialist) David Mair and me over a bibulous brunch that we might try to "figure out why" mental health practitioners had "so damn much trouble communicating with each other" about their patients via patient records.
In addition, bibulous rate of the scrap tire crumbs is very low compared with that of the clayey soil, resulting in the decrease of optimum moisture content for the mixtures.
Bartenders are looking beyond pre-Prohibition classics to other eras for bibulous inspiration.
Not my cup of scotch, but the crowd in Poblacion is a bibulous lot, and I could see a bar doing very well in the area.
On the 90th day, the above-ground parts of tomato plants were harvested, rinsed with distilled water and dried the surface using bibulous paper, then, the average weight and height of the plants' shoot for each treatment were measured.
One 1934 Los Angeles Times article read, "the country has been shocked, if not sobered, by the alarming rate of increase of traffic casualties directly traceable to the effects of hard liquor on bibulous automobile drivers." Id.
In it we read an amusing passage that briefly describes how, according to "les bons compaignons," "la chaleur naturelle" (36) (363; which Prior reworks as "Alma") rises from the feet in infancy to the throat in old age (thus explaining the bibulous proclivities that supposedly characterize the elderly).
Convinced I had become a whinging, self-pitying BT compulsive-obsessive I was instead writing cheerful, chummy tales of life in Godzone with a sly dig at Klondike (his wind turbine money factory held its champagne launch yesterday, Banksy sadly uninvited) and a barrow-load of laughs at the expense of the bibulous Byreman ...when the phone rang.
Luther Martin, the bibulous but durable attorney general of Maryland, (52) was a disgruntled delegate at the framing convention.
Here were nine bibulous paintings: raw canvas sponges that had absorbed several centuries of landscape tradition and were drunk on garish color but still quick on their feet.
The DT100 festival celebrating Dylan Thomas' birth in Swansea 100 years ago was a worldwide success with journalists from across the globe coming here to find out more about the fascinating, bibulous, womanising poet who started writing as a child, gazing down at the spectacular bay from his house in Cwmdonkin Drive.