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Synonyms for bib

top part of an apron

a napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating

drink moderately but regularly


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Kara Bonneau logged onto the race's official photo site this week and saw pictures of four other people who ran Monday's race in copies of the bib she earned -- and paid for.
Junior Bib, with capped sleeves, for ages 1-3+ years
Whether this shirt is in fact the James Hooper shirt prior to the addition of a new, fully-beaded bib and elaborate radiating beaded disc is a matter of conjecture.
Bib boob: She may only be 15 months old but even little Abi MacLeod thinks the flag blunder makes store a laughing stock Picture: BY HER DADDY
She said Rory was chewing on the bib and swallowed pieces of a hologram that had flaked off.
For the past six years it has been a a red and white bib.
The first is machinery to manufacture and pack disposable baby/adult bibs with a pocket.
With our new bibs, Joe's is offering guests an entertaining way to take a break from the heat with cool summer prizes.
With Maxy Moo Moo having released their Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps for Boys and Girls, parents have yet another snap-fastened option to choose from.
WSGI%s president and CEO, Glenn Estrella, said the contract reflects the army%s continued use of and training on BiBs systems.
No More Bibs just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce children's clothes that are impossible to stain; the clothing prevents the formation of stains in the first place by repelling any kind of liquid from sticking onto the fabric.
The 41-year-old entrepreneur launched her company, Beauty and the Bib, which produces designer bibs for babies, by renting a stall in London's Greenwich Market.
Sarah Jane is the exclusive European supplier for Mally bibs, which have been a hit in the US and Canada, and have received strong interest from UK baby product retailers.
JONATHAN Harvey and his company, North East Aluminium, supplied 60 luminous pupil bibs for Dinnington First School.
Stephen and Amanda's personal experience led to the design and development of an innovative two-piece bib that offers a number of benefits over traditional bibs: it's more comfortable for the infant, whilst retaining the functionality of the trough type bib, resulting in less mess and making mealtimes more fun.