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someone who loves (and usually collects) books

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The chapters range from explorations of central figures of fin-de-siecle book culture such as Octave Uzanne and Robert de Montesquiou, to broader reflections on bibliophile societies, illustrated books and the gendering of book appreciation, among others.
Most central in Clarke's development as an intellect, Swanston writes, stood the Afro-Puerto Rican bibliophile and historian, Arthur Alfonso Schomburg, whose huge collection of books, pamphlets, and art work regarding African (Black) people worldwide laid the foundation for the world-famous Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York.
Richard Canfield, an art lover and bibliophile, operated this establishment during New York's Gilded Age.
It's an easy, very enjoyable read and I'd recommend it for any bibliophile whose dreamt of owning their own shop.
Not even 2 years old and already a bibliophile, Analisa Callahan pulled out a book covered in flowers.
The Trust was established with the huge fortune left by the American-born pharmaceutical manufacturer Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936)--archaeologist, collector and bibliophile as well as businessman.
As in previous editions, the cross-reference system allows the novice bibliophile to cut quickly through unfamiliar jargon.
Author Ray Edinger is a bibliophile and avid student of Arctic exploration, and he has produced a popular history "that just had to be written.
As a bibliophile I enjoy perusing the bibliographies (references in the 19 contributions total 1,245) and I must say that this volume provides the reader with a concise over view of the literature on the subject.
She prides herself on being a voracious bibliophile and reads every book that wins Britain's Booker prize, including Ian McEwan's "Amsterdam" and his latest, "Atonement.
I personally have used this method throughout my career, since my residency at the Mayo Clinic and my exposure to my friend and teacher Henry Lane Williams, MD, a great scholar and bibliophile.
Alan Armstrong (lawyer, bibliophile, historian) has edited and annotated 192 of Collinson's admirably practical letters, with their democratic spelling and rich, Quakerish respect for the green world.
A wealthy publisher and bibliophile, Day photographed himself and others--often male nudes--in stark scenes evoking Christian, classical, and mythological characters.
Bibliophile Warner (English, Le Moyne College, New York) introduces his study of another bibliophile's work, as follows: "This is an annotated translation of John Bale's (1495-1563) Latin records of Tudor-era works culled from his massive catalogue of British, Scottish, and Irish authors that he published in two parts while living as a religious exile in Basel, Switzerland.
It added: "Gordon Brown was the most bibliophile leader since Churchill, while Blair was no slouch with the pen himself.