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preoccupation with the acquisition and possession of books

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Un libro excepcional de Karin Littau, Theories of Reading: Books, Bodies and Bibliomania nos ayudara a aclarar algunas respuestas y a entender mejor que esta en juego en la formulacion de las preguntas mismas.
"Bibliomania is a kind of constitutional disease with me," confided George Templeton Strong to his diary; "I've been subject to it almost as long as I can remember." (35) Strong, who was used to haunting the bookshops of New York, was a junior in college when he acquired his first copy of Lamb.
Teorias de la lectura: libros, cuerpos y bibliomania. Traducido por Elena Marengo.
A third chapter examines the "bibliomania" of the early eighteenth century, when book collectors paid unprecedented prices for First Folios and ballad collections alike, and essayists such as Leigh Hunt rhapsodized about the pleasures of old books, in the interest, Lynch argues, of appropriating the public canon for private pleasure.
Like many English collectors throughout the nineteenth century, Grey was influenced by the rage for acquiring rare, curious, and splendid books that Thomas Fragnall Dibdin (1776-1847) eulogised in his Bibliomania (1809).
Bibliomania ( provides access to more than 2,000 classic texts: fiction, drama, poetry, short stories, contemporary articles, and interviews.
Logan asked the court to find the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity, marking this the only time the rarely successful affirmative defense was used "to explain the consequences of criminal bibliomania" (Basbanes, 1995, p.
A layer-cake of transmuted folklore and a sticky treacle-mine of joy, the Discworld combines the endless possibilities of sheer fantasy with everything that's familiar in human nature (and dragons, and wizards, and sossiges and.) Gail-Nina Anderson's talk 'At Your Peril: The bizarre world of Gothic literature and bibliomania explored' is at Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library, at 2pm on November 28 as part of Books on Tyne, the Newcastle books festival - details on
Bibliography is a strange concern, perhaps a necessary offshoot from bibliomania or the less severe bibliophilia.
Teorias de la lectura: Libros, cuerpos y bibliomania. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Manatial, 2008.