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book list


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a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc

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"If these preliminary findings are substantiated in more rigorous studies, they could lay the foundation for some exciting health milestones, but only time will tell," said Rebecca Costello, PhD, editor of the Annual Bibliography.
Most of the authors listed in the author index only have one entry in the bibliography. Twenty-eight authors with more than five bibliography entries are listed in the index.
The first year's class was not required to include a bibliography in their handouts for their presentations.
This long-overdue analysis with its thirty page bibliography fills an important need in poor law literature and on the social history of aging in the eighteenth century.
If the books mentioned within the annotations were included in the count, the number of works assessed in this bibliography could easily double.
One might contrast this publication with the database developed by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World at the University of Edinburgh, "Cumulative Bibliography of the International Review of Mission" ( / divinity / cmb/).
Besterman (1940) provides us with a concise history of early bibliography, and that history foreshadows contemporary critiques surrounding the implication of classification for access in the use and reception of texts.
EndNote 7 scans RTF documents containing temporary EndNote citations and instantly creates a bibliography.
AFRICAN-AMERICAN VISUAL ARTISTS: An Annotated Bibliography of Educational Resource Materials (2001; $45), by Daniel J.
Gale Group (Farmington Hills, MI), a unit of Thomson Learning (Stamford, CT), has acquired the IBZ (International Bibliographie der Zeitschriften/International Bibliography of Periodicals) list from Zeller Verlag (Osnabruck, Ger.) and bibliographical directory American Men & Women of Science from Information Today (Medford, NJ) in separate transactions.
Uche Azikiwe (compl.), Women in Nigeria: An Annotated Bibliography (Westport, CT: Greeenwood Press, 1996), pp.
An Annotated Bibliography on Ibn Sina: First Supplement (1990-1994).
Rowse: A Bibliophile's Extensive Bibliography. Sydney Cauveren.
A Black Canadian Bibliography, by Flora(Blizzard) Francis with a foreword by Dr.
This bibliography, unique in its kind, is, the editors tell us in their presentation, experimental.
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