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relating to or dealing with bibliography

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Their activity consisted mainly in practical use and cataloguing historical music sources from Slovakia within the Kallisto program, and at the same time revising and supplementing bibliographic records for historical music sources, historical research in music, and collection analysis.
Work digitizing a part of the documentary, bibliographic, graphic and cartographic service documentary and bibliographic heritage works, the museum of pontevedra and the municipalities of the province, as well as the restoration and digitization of audio and audiovisual media (both analog and digital) of the council of pontevedra.
Within ProQuest, Books In Print is used as a key bibliographic component for a variety of services, from Intota Assessment to Syndetic Solutions to building the new ebook platform for ebrary and EBL.
According to Fourie and Burger (2007), the bibliographic control project is very important, fundamental and indispensable to countries like South Africa that the effort put forward by her is currently unmatchable by any African country.
Andrew Piper's fascinating study Dreaming in Books offers an extended gloss on this definitional claim, arguing for an understanding of Romantic literary meaning as inextricably bound up with book history and bibliographic detail.
The library contains around 14 million catalogue records comprising a wealth of bibliographic data.
The TSCATS bibliographic database is available for online searching at http://www.
The ensuing sections contain an essay entitled, "From James Duff Brown (1897) to Arsen Ralph Papakhian (2000): An Essay on the Literature of the Bibliographic Control of Music" followed by a chronological listing with full citations accompanied by title, author, keyword, and journal title indexes.
The new agreement covers both database licensing and bibliographic data collection.
Murlin's bibliographic course was not only informative and useful, but it was also enjoyable.
3] Lehman's key article on the faculty-librarian relationship, "Library-Faculty Liaison in the Small College," introduced five methods to increase liaison activities: personal relationships, librarians on faculty committees, structured communication with faculty, the library committee, and bibliographic assistants.
Bibliographic source references provide plenty of notes for further reading.
It is now fully integrated with Journals@Ovid and bibliographic databases, which gives users access to search the entire Ovid content repository and access to a wide range of tools, such as ask-a-librarian and personal accounts, as well as links to full-text journals, bibliographic records and external Web resources.
Among his many scholarly achievements, Thomas Clayton edited The Hamlet First Published (Delaware, 1992), bringing welcome attention to Q1 Hamlet on its own terms, through essays dealing with both its bibliographic and literary issues.
Fee-based bibliographic utilities such as OCLC, RLIN, and WLN offered LC cataloging records to subscribers.