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someone trained in compiling bibliographies

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As director of the National Library and Museum from May 16, 1925 to his death on April 18, 1928, De los Santos immersed himself in his work and, according to the bibliographer Gabriel Bernardo, gave up 'all his other avocations except music and bibliophily.' While we often see government service coming at a great sacrifice in terms of family and social life and remuneration.
The third chapter of Blind Impressions, "Bibliographers of the Mind," is both a reassessment and an appreciation of Donald McKenzie, author of the seminal 1969 essay "Printers of the Mind." In that essay, McKenzie asserts that bibliographers draw overly strong conclusions about early modern print shop practices from the very scant evidence that stands on the resulting page.
Book-jackets, more commonly referred to as dust-jackets, have only recently attracted the sustained attention of print culture scholars, bibliographers, collectors, and librarians.
The primary administrative change that occurred was the development of new positions of area studies bibliographers. (9) Although they took a variety of forms, the primary responsibilities of these positions were similar.
bibliographer, I have read hundreds of books dealing with the war.
Bollier's career, which combined ministry with scholarship, began at California State University, Northridge, where he was a reference librarian and bibliographer. In 1973 he was employed by Yale Divinity Library, New Haven, Connecticut, where he was assistant divinity librarian and also served two terms as acting divinity librarian and a year as acting head of the bibliography department of Yale's Sterling Library.
The show is a tribute to Katip Celebi, the well-known 17th century historian, geographer and bibliographer, on the 400th anniversary of his birth, which is being marked across Turkey throughout the year as part of the 2009 Year of Katip Celebi announced by the Turkish commission of UNESCO.
Six years passed and then on 25 November 1986 the distinguished bibliographer, Ian McLaren, delivered the third Ferguson Lecture on bibliographical questions about the output of the poet Henry Kendall.
Gary Kurutz has served as the director of the Special Collections Branch of the California State Library in Sacramento since 1980 and has previously held the positions of library director of the California Historical Society and bibliographer of Western Americana at the Henry E.
She is currently a reference librarian and English & literature bibliographer at the Newton Gresham Library on the campus of Sam Houston State University.]
She is widely known as the premier bibliographer of Ellul, who left behind a huge volume of material--much of it totally disorganized and scattered.
Cordery (web bibliographer for the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio) "Historic Photos Of Theodore Roosevelt" is a fittingly pictorial biographic presentation of a remarkable man whose political policies, ideas, and influence are still resonating in American culture today.
The other board members, chosen for 3-year terms, are Bob Asleson, chairman of Paratext; John Ganly, assistant director for SIBL Collections, Science, Industry and Business Library at The New York Public Library; Diane Hoffman, senior director of life sciences at ProQuest CSA; Scott MacFarland, vice president of content management and medical research at Ovid Technologies; Catherine Mardikes, bibliographer for classics and ancient Near East at the University of Chicago; and Mark Sandler, director of the Center for Library Initiatives, Committee on Institutional Cooperation.
Harry was what we once called a gentleman-scholar and a scholar-teacher; indeed, I like to think of him as a scholar's scholar and a bibliographer's bibliographer.
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