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observes that for Proust the association of bibelots marks a boundary
La maison de Loti a toujours ressemble a un musee, mais elle serait en cela semblable a toute autre maison, dont le role est d'abriter les possessions de son proprietaire--Gaston Bachelard le soulignait deja: "Peut-on rever a une vieille maison qui ne serait pas l'asile de vieilles choses, qui ne garderait pas ses vieilles choses, qui s'emplirait de vieilles choses d'exportation par une simple manie de collectionneur de bibelots" (135).
Mosher's Bibelot, possibly because both were non-commercial literary magazines that reprinted highly regarded but often obscure texts.
Meanwhile, Erdogan and Merkel signed a photograph and sent it to a 9-year-old student, Lara, who made the "white pace pigeon" bibelot and sent it to Erdogan with Merkel.
La admiracion de Guiraldes por Mallarme, varias veces repetida, hizo que me detuviera en esta operacion de escritura, el intento de construccion del bibelot y al mismo tiempo su anulacion.
Gals on the prowl were advised to ditch the offending bibelot in the nearest trinket box."
Indeed, it is only after Isabel becomes an heiress that her list of accomplishments becomes complete and her status is elevated to 'marriageable': 'She is beautiful, accomplished, generous [...] clever, and very amiable and she has a handsome fortune', claims Madame Merle at the moment she decides to 'put her in [Osmond's] way', (27) as if she were just another precious bibelot which would deserve his worthy exertion.
she embarked a new passion, becoming CEO and president of Bibelot Inc., a subsidiary of Accessorize in Canada.