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lettuce with relatively crisp leaves

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What made Bibb's conduct in the Palladium case so remarkable is that here the invisible guardian became visible.
He is definitely the right person to carry this work forward as we drive ahead to complete the reorganization," said Bibb.
"If bankers don't take the time to look up the total relationship, identify those customers (with high loan and deposit balances) and move them up, they'll lose them," warns Bibb.
On the back of electric performances on Later with Jools Holland and The Late Late Show and appearances at all the major festivals including Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival and now Bibb plays the Aberystwyth Arts Centre tomorrow at 8pm.
To use another example of Henry Bibb's, when spotted by slave catchers out on an open prairie, he remarks that, "had this been in timbered land, I might have stood some chance to have dodged them..." (159).
David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Joe Viterelli, Angus T Jones, Paul Sorvino.
BLUES singer Eric Bibb is returning to Ireland for a series of concerts to mark his new album.
Highlights of his style can be heard along with those of accomplished New York bluesman Eric Bibb.
Howard Bibb is worried that paraders are hurting their greyhounds
The disclosure follows Dan River's acquisition on June 29 of the Bibb Co.
A similar note is sounded by Bibb Company's Nell Roney, who says that sell-in was greater than expected, and that those retailers who have promoted the license report "good sell-though" of Bibb's bedding.
A target Porter Bibb has put his sights on and missed.
Ted Turner's Amazing Story by Porter Bibb (Crown Publishing, 468 p.) tackles the difficult job of "capturing' the complex personality Ted Turner, he of CNN, WTBS and TNT, of the Atlanta Braves, of ocean racing and international diplomacy, of the Battle for the Environment and of Jane Fonda.
Meryl Bibb of the Electricity Supply Commission in Johannesburg, South Africa, reported on one case where an inch-thick pipe developed a 20-millimeter diameter perforation only six months after a powerplant's startup.