radial tire

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pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

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Most sites say that bias-ply tires flat-spot but radials don't, implying there's no need to jack up your vehicle for storage if your tires are radials.
They're filling the void with bias-ply tires and retreads or anything else they can get their hands on," said Good.
Never mix radial and bias-ply tires on the same vehicle.
With the increase of production of radial ply tires, China's export of tires is now no longer focusing on only bias-ply tires.
Radials are typically inflated to lower pressures than bias-ply tires.
Radial tires don't wear out as quickly as bias-ply tires and therefore cause less pollution per mile from particulate matter.
Park (814-863-7930), researchers have developed a neural network pattern recognition software to predict the stresses on pavement from truck radialply and bias-ply tires.
The company's bias-ply tires dominate NASCAR's All-Pro circuit, which includes stops at such tracks as Louisville Motor Speedway and the Winchester Speedway in Indiana.