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flat crusty-bottomed onion roll


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Asked if he believed the hypothesis he put forward, Bialy told AFP, "I wouldn't say I 'believe' it is sent by aliens, as I am a scientist and not a believer, I rely on evidence to put forward possible physical explanation for observed phenomena."
However, because it did not go through a similar process when it was closest to the Sun, Bialy and Loeb have argued it is in fact a light sail - a form of spacecraft that relies on radiation pressure to generate propulsion
The research methodology developed in INiG-PIG was used (Maslowski et al., 2015; Maslowski, 2015; Maslowski et al., 2016; Maslowski and Bialy, 2016).
ManHunt Egypt-Photo by Egypt Today/Mahmoud Hassaballah Karim el Bialy is the founder of Fashion Republic, a company specializing in purchasing competition licenses; it a part of Pageants Republic.
From there, cruise down the paved beachside path that connects Santa Monica to Venice before steering inland a few blocks for a midmorning snack at Gjusta (above), where breakfast--including a housemade onion-poppy bialy topped with lamb merguez, harissa, and Gruyere--is served until 5 p.m.
Sharon Bialy is an award-winning casting director for television, film, and theater.
An iconic Brooklyn bialy and bagel producer is moving its operators to Nassau County.
She has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in and outside Qatar in countries and cities such as Paris, Istanbul, Bialy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and China, besides participating in different exhibitions held in GCC countries.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, Vince Gilligan, David Shore, Mark Johnson, Bryan Singer, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Tommy Moran; CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, Richard Heus, Andrew Bernstein; DIRECTOR, Singer; WRITERS, Shore, Gilligan; STORY BY Gilligan, Shore; CAMERA, Luc Montpellier; production DESIGNER, Andrew Murdock; EDITORS, Marta Evry, Jo Francis, Andrew Doerfer; CASTING, Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott.
Everyone knows what a bagel is, but how many of us have heard of--or tasted--a bialy? It's also a Jewish bread that food writer Mimi Sheraton describes as a rounded roll with an indented center that's generously flecked with toasted onions and, in its most authentic form, "a showering of poppy seeds." She experienced "addiction at first bite."
The three vice president nominees are William Predebon, Education; Louis Bialy, Safety Codes and Standards; and Richard Stevenson, Conformity Assessment.
Osama, Khalil, and Bialy are from the Department of Mechanical Power Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.
The show may run three hours, but you'll be too enlivened by its relentless, insanely inspired inappropriateness, laughing at little old ladies "tap dancing'' with their walkers on the cast reprise of "Along Came Bialy,'' to even notice.
Piotr Chmielewski had been photographed – fully clothed – by a 30mph speed trap in Bialy Bor but had disrobed when cops caught up with him.
Geneva, Shawwal 23, 1433, Sep 10, 2012, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasized the importance of a statement of the Higher Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Bialy, on the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, notably the situation of Palestinian refugees in Israel's prisons as well as Israel's continuance of exercising settlement-oriented on Palestinian occupied territories, Saudi Ambassador to the European United Nations Headquarters and its UN Representative in Geneva Dr.