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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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So while Mostafa Bey's compromise solution is still a valuable asset, under the terms of Article 1(D) it has yet to be realized.
Commenting on the launch of Tandoor, Mike Jawad the General Management stated: 'We are pleased to further enhance Cinnamon Bey's diverse dining offering with the introduction of an exclusive Indian restaurant.
Coachella is around mid-April, and by then, Bey would be about seven months pregnant, if she was truly 20 weeks in February.
Although Farrah had only joined the group a few months earlier, she left the band in July leaving just Bey, Kelly and Michelle.
Nusret Bey's father was a man of humble descent, a shoemaker, and that would be Nusret Bey's first profession, too.
BEIRUT: The sun was setting over the crowd at the Blu Port restaurant at the end of Zaitunay Bay Thursday, while men and women, some of whom hadn't taken the casual dress code to heart, supped on the latest offering of Lebanese wine, the Marquis de Bey White 2013.
The reign of Hammuda Pasha Bey [1782-1814] is characterized as the apogee of this political strategy, and the third chapter of Montana's book provides a detailed examination of the nuts and bolts of the trans-Saharan slave trade during his rule.
WASHINGTON * The Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, not only allowed American Atheists, a national advocacy organization, an information booth at its Washington, D.C., meeting --something it prohibited at last year's session--it permitted American Atheist board member Jamila Bey a main stage address.
You could have heard a pin drop until Kamali Bey hit a free throw midway through the first half.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Defence ministry media advisor announced today that the armed forces entered Sarha village at Suleiman Bey Area, north of Baghdad.
A fitting memorial to Elmore Leonard (who died last month and is listed an executive producer here), "Life of Crime" reps one of the most faithful of the many adaptations of the author's work, in this case 1978's "The Switch." This sly, cleverly plotted caper features John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) as low-end criminals who hatch a plan to kidnap a Detroit millionaire's wife.
NNA - The Karadeniz Holding company for producing power announced the arrival of its ship "Orhan Bey" - belonging to Karpowership Limited fleet - to Lebanon, indicating that said ship will start functioning in the upcoming weeks after connecting it to Jiyyeh power plant via joint efforts from Electricite Du Liban and Karpowership Limited.