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in a bewitching manner

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On the first page we're told that the silver is left on the island, LJS sort of hops off, it having been established that he has a wife, a 'woman of colour', and, perhaps most bewitchingly for me, as the Hispaniola sails away, they leave behind three maroons.
It may have seemed impossible at first, but once the company reconnected with its inner mojo, the high-end growth that 3M had lost more than three decades ago bewitchingly reappeared.
But it's also bewitchingly romantic: white-on-white fabrics, shabby chic furniture, ethereal touches of ocean blue.
Summary: Unveils a stunning range of diamond jewellery styles from boldly dynamic to bewitchingly delicate
The three-piece from North Wales make a bewitchingly otherworldly noise beloved by their ardent following and the air drummers among them.
This slice of North Africa is far more bewitchingly exotic than most other winter sun destinations and is under three hours' flying time from the UK.
Shakespeare strips away the trappings of a man's success in a bewitchingly beautiful exploration of what constitutes true happiness.
And he just takes you down gardens of forking paths, until you are utterly and bewitchingly lost.
Instead of looking to the rose's thorny stem, the philosopher bewitchingly proffers a nearby cow chewing its food, deducing that when it advantageously "dungs the rose with it, so the rose has teeth in the mouth of the beast.
Here I sit, writing to you at my computer, while outside the sun is blazing down and Jaguar's XKR pants bewitchingly at the kerbside.
A bewitchingly exceptional one who looks vulnerable to just one horse in training - himself.
They twinkle bewitchingly from the cupboard with the promise of a life that does not require a haversack to maintain it in any foray outside the front door.
To the gaze, Samantha Stephens's persona was bewitchingly beautiful.
The score is bewitchingly transparent, expressive and sounds refined.