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The rise was bewildering, and so was the decline, but not in a good way ADRIAN on his huge success and the humiliating failure
'It is downright bewildering to allegedly have a record-breaking surplus in rice supply on one hand and experience a low inventory of rice in the warehouses of NFA on the other hand and thereby needing to import rice,' she said.
"I thought he had blown for a foul or for offside, so to give a penalty for that, when nobody appealed, it is bewildering really.
The service is designed to help patients deal with the "bewildering experience" of being diagnosed with a serious illness.
I was going to write my column on the horrific events in Connecticut - and the bewildering responses of the pro-gun lobby in the US.
SCOTLAND'S biggest health board were blasted last night over the "bewildering" recruitment of a whisky boss as a top official.
Prospective distance education students are faced with a bewildering number of choices in selecting an institution that is best suited to achieving their educational goals.
Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said the number of messages issued by the Department for Education (DfE) was "bewildering" and would load more paperwork on to schools.
A PILOT has described a "bewildering" close encounter with a pair of low-flying UFOs in Warwickshire.
While it is acceptable that taxed but uninsured vehicles kept on the road should be clamped or impounded, leading even to crushing in order to deter uninsured drivers, it is simply intolerable that we will now have to fill in yet another SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) if that be the correct interpretation of these bewildering plans, just for the privilege of perhaps keeping uninsured that beloved old banger or spare car on the drive.
At this point I am finding it bewildering to turn back and survey the path I took.
More Offbeat Kentuckians is very highly recommended for all readers as a humorous compendium of bewildering, laugh-invoking, and down-right odd tales and stories from the bluegrass state of Kentucky.
In the heart of the Liverpool end, surrounded by Scousers and a bewildering number of Irishmen, the raw passion, noise and wit were simply fantastic.
The Internet contains a bewildering number of sources on every imaginable topic.
In counterpoint to Toren's effortlessness was the bewildering Frida Hultcrantz, singing the Finnish national anthem while lying atop the tomb of the country's former president, Urho Kekkonen, and wearing just undies and a fur coat.