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Synonyms for bewhiskered

having hair on the cheeks and chin

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Del Boy - actor David Jason - wiped tears from his eyes and Rodney Trotter - Nicholas Lyndhurst - bowed his head in tribute to their bewhiskered pal.
In 1970, she was elected into the National Assembly, serving for seven years among the bewhiskered politicians.
Boony', like the similarly bewhiskered Merv Hughes, is now a state registered Australian icon, though whether for his exploits on the field or off it is hard to say.
THE sight of over 1,000 mostly lean and lithe Santas running through the town may disappoint fans of the traditional plump bewhiskered old gent, but Santa's image has changed greatly over the years.
The bewhiskered Queen's Counsel must now face one of the toughest sentences of all.
His sidekick in films was bewhiskered Gabby Hayes, in television Pat Brady.
He - or it - came as a real shock to the system; not so much the sudden appearance of the bewhiskered chap (or bechapped whiskers) as the lack of elucidation which accompanied the spectacle.
Also thought to be in the frame are the startlingly bewhiskered Mr Amrik Sahorta, the Sikh textiles and property magnate who was a founder director of the Institute of Asian Businesses in Birmingham and the veteran Mr Tony Smith, pro-Chancellor of Wolver hampton University.
None of it fazes the bewhiskered Old Harrovian, who booms: "I don't care what people think.
By the time there's a bewhiskered goat standing patiently at Christine's table during an unconvincing seance, one's thinking more like 'Ram Save Me' than Sam Raimi.
This will presumably follow the pattern of some bewhiskered elder stumbling down a mountain slope clutching a lump of slate or akin to the flashes of nocturnal inspiration that fired Shelley, Yeats and even Adam Smith or Marx.
But sad to relate, a vast apparition in silly hat and notably tasteless suit (tent) confirmed the worst fears that while the blue whale may be in trouble, the Bewhiskered Purple Whale is horribly alive and well, and was spotted in the south-west of this otherwise unbenighted country yesterday.
Forget that old line about bewhiskered men having something to hide, it's far simpler - they just can't be bothered to shave in the morning.
Some of us have always suspected that the bewhiskered one on TV, so long used to having a patch more or less to himself, is a bit like one of those dogs who make a lot of noise until you take a few meaningful steps towards them, then they curl up and slink off.
And it is dedicated to a bewhiskered dreamer with a liking for porridge, who once stepped out and "wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills" and all at once he "saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils".