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Synonyms for bettor

one who bets

Synonyms for bettor

someone who bets

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FanBet members can follow winning bettors and copy their picks to improve their chances of winning at bookies.
It should be noted that in parimutuel betting markets, odds are automatically driven by betting volume, so biases are a direct consequence of bettor actions.
There are three other finals with the first, the Back and Lay at Bettor.
For the 5054 games played during six seasons and all odds lines, the average payoff to the underdog bettor was -0.
Weak-form efficiency requires relatively simple bettor behavior: they must be able to recognize the potential for abnormal profits.
The standard profile of a spread bettor has and will continue to change over time.
runs one of the only sports services I know that gets respect from bettors of all backgrounds.
If bettors want to hit a real huge payout then Miss Universe fans might want to consider on betting on the deep underdogs; among them Miss New Zealand, Miss British Islands, Miss Haiti, Miss Gabon and Miss Guam, all of whom are priced at 101.
Prizes are for FOUR people and include: admission; race card; exclusive VIP pass for the Bettor.
2) We wish to note these data contain a single season for the NBA and NHL, which we believe will shed insight on how bettors behave, but may still be too short a time frame to capture all of the intricacies of bettor behavior.
After my interview, I decided to visit their site and see if they could take a novice such as myself and create an informed sports bettor.
WHEN I read Jonathan Kay's story regarding the departure of Bettor.
I think voters of the Academy will follow a strategy similar to a bettor when a bettor hedges a bet.
SHAWFIELD is seeking a new sponsor for the Scottish Derby after receiving confirmation yesterday that Bettor.
I think everyone ought to experience the Tournament here once, even if you're not a bettor.