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Synonyms for bettor

one who bets

Synonyms for bettor

someone who bets

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For instance, a computer-assisted bettor could be directly responsible for lowering other players' profits.
Sports books appear to allow large imbalances in betting volume ("take a large position" in this market) in cases where imbalances are driven by highly predictable bettor tendencies, such as bettor preferences for betting on the biggest favorites (best teams) and bets on the over (bets that the total score will be above the posted total), as opposed to the under (bets that the combined score will be below the posted total).
Weak-form efficiency requires relatively simple bettor behavior: they must be able to recognize the potential for abnormal profits.
The bettor got the winning combination 02-04-06-08-24-01, which had a total jackpot of P 210, 795, 849.
In a post on its official Facebook page on Monday, the PCSO announced that a sole bettor guessed the winning combination - 16-06-07-09-05-45 - drawn Sunday, February 24.
IMAGINE two bettors. Both have 19 bets of PS10 at evens.
If bettors want to hit a real huge payout then Miss Universe fans might want to consider on betting on the deep underdogs; among them Miss New Zealand, Miss British Islands, Miss Haiti, Miss Gabon and Miss Guam, all of whom are priced at 101.0-or a payout of $101,000 for every $100 bet if one of these beautiful ladies take the crown in Russia!
After the eighth game, we use the sum of the win percentages in the current year, allowing for bettor memory of the previous season, and then replacing and updating for current performance as the season progresses.
Six bettors who guessed five of the six-digit combination won P207,140 each.
RSOU Agents then went to the area and found Vasquez with bettors in a narrow alley in front of a house.
His emergence, bracketed around the first anniversary of the Supreme Court decision allowing widespread sports gambling outside of Nevada, has given a face to the American professional sports bettor. That face happens to be clean-shaven and accompanied by tasteful button-down shirts and a math degree from the University of Illinois.
Due to the vigorish, a bettor must wager $110 to receive a profit of $100 if they win the bet.
In 2015, ( a ( bettor ( at Saratoga Race Course  correctly picked all five winners to collect $471,124.50 off a 50 cent bet.
Evidence that bookmakers account for bettor sentiment based on the popularity of certain club or national teams has been found in betting markets for European football (soccer).
TAYLORS CRUISE (10.15) can give Charlie Lister yet another Classic winner by making all to land the Scottish Derby final over 480m at Shawfield tonight.