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At all events the phrase in question grew daily in favor, notwithstanding the gross impropriety of a man betting his brains like bank-notes: -- but this was a point which my friend's perversity of disposition would not permit him to comprehend.
As Desborough, their horse, was second in the betting, they had an interest in the disappearance of the favorite.
He was at a starting-point which makes many a man's career a fine subject for betting, if there were any gentlemen given to that amusement who could appreciate the complicated probabilities of an arduous purpose, with all the possible thwartings and furtherings of circumstance, all the niceties of inward balance, by which a man swims and makes his point or else is carried headlong.
I am not a betting man," answered the Doctor, "but I rather think that the odds are in favor of your going.
The high betting had begun before the draw, and still the high betting went on, with the draw not in sight.
Kearns, with every eye upon him, looked at his two-card draw, counted the other three to dispel any doubt of holding more than five cards, and wrote on a betting slip.
That a man bets ten dollars at the ring side that I win against six dollars another man is betting that I lose.
Still further, it had manifested its disapproval of the change by betting two, and even three, to one on Danny.
I have heard of a man betting that he would throw his horse down twenty times, and that nineteen times he would not fall himself.
It was not an improving custom, I own, gentle reader, and led to making books, and betting, and other objectionable results; but when our great Houses of Palaver think it right to stop the nation's business on that day and many of the members bet heavily themselves, can you blame us boys for following the example of our betters?
I am not a betting man, but I am prepared to bet you a hundred pounds to one that you have made your last communication with the outside world until I say the word.
He attended to his game commonly and didn't much meddle with the conversation, except when it was about horses and betting.
You are great people for betting in Yorkshire, are you not?
I don't mind betting that you too have heard something of the sort already?
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