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pleasing in appearance especially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportion

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IT'S HARD to know why Gary Neville was so upset by Carlos Tevez the other night but I'm told he heard the Argentinian claiming he was better-looking.
Lightweight yet powerful Airshirz Magnum scissors are said to provide clean, accurate cutting, snipping and trimming, resulting in less waste and a better-looking finished product, according to the company.
Everyone around you gets better-looking" - Billy Connolly.
From how medical personnel give more attention to healthy babies to how teachers except better-looking children to perform better, LOOKS delves into the underlying influences on success--and dispels many myths.
He has confused me with my brighter and better-looking cousin, Steve Munby, formerly Knowsley's executive director for education, who moved to a new post in London some years ago.
* PerforMax LG reportedly causes 25% less outgassing than other reinforcements in nylon 6, 66, and 46, resulting in cleaner mold surfaces and better-looking parts.
Lightweight yet powerful, the scissors provide clean, accurate cutting, snipping and trimming, resulting in less waste and a better-looking finished product.
My face looks like a melted wellie and it's sickening to watch the wonderful Atta Yaqub (the beautiful actor, above, from Ken Loach's film Ae Fond Kiss) just get better-looking as the night wears on.
He added: ``Mattie is a far better-looking bloke than me, and probably a better actor, so it didn't surprise me they used the advert he made.
In 2004, the company began to sell through Costa Rica's Insol Comercial, focusing on making better-looking products than its Eastern competitors.
The characters are supposed to be better-looking, better-dressed and more poised than us.
Partly it's flair: If you pick up The Nation and set it next to The Weekly Standard, it's just clear that the Standard is a better-looking, more interesting magazine.
Sally ponders how much more effective religious leaders would be if they were better-looking. "You're not even allowed to have a picture of Muhammad," she points out.
CHARLOTTE Uhlenbroekis a cross between a female Indiana Jones and a better-looking David Attenborough.
There are better-looking factories than this down Eastboro Way."