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more familiar or renowned than the other of two

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Saunders, and Stephen Barnes, the handful of better-known black writers who have been publishing speculative fiction through the 60s, 70s and 80s are represented in the collection; but Thomas grounds their work in a continuous tradition.
The better-known Synod of Dort (1618-1619) was attended only by churchmen from the Netherlands and England, and its accomplishments were limited by disagreements between the Dutch leaders.
He even seems to refer to one of the company's better-known works, the high-flying duet Gypsy, in the last bagatelle.
The butternut fungus has traits that set it apart from other, better-known tree diseases.
It includes first-person accounts by the perpetrators of the likes of Flamingo Park Gazette, Fifth Estate, Kudzu, Fag Rag, and Hundred Flowers, along with the better-known ones.
H-E-B is a leader in its field, and we take great pride in being chosen to work with them over better-known competitors," said Michael Haith, CEO, Maui Wowi Hawaiian.
Based on an award-winning young-adult novel by Carl Hiaasen -- the Florida-based author better-known for his racy mysteries like ``Strip Tease'' -- ``Hoot'' involves three kids who unite to stop developers from destroying the habitat of an endangered owl in the Sunshine State.
His play Anna in the Tropics beat out the two other better-known finalists, The Goat and Take Me Out, by far better-known authors, Edward Albee and Richard Greenberg, respectively.
Students doing research on some of the better-known inventors, such as Madame CJ Walker (first African American millionaire) and John Logie Baird (the Scotsman often credited with the invention of TV) will find information here that they probably will not find elsewhere (certainly not in more readable form).
Testing the artist's claim, guest curator Sarah Whitfield focuses this retrospective on the relationship between Morley's abstract art and his better-known representational work.
Excavations in a Brazilian cave near the Amazon River have uncovered evidence that humans inhabited a tropical locale about 11,000 years ago and that their lifestyle differed from that of their better-known prehistoric contemporaries in North America.
Most are ordinary folks, such as Johnny Lee X who was not satisfied with Christianity; others are better-known devotees, such as Malcolm's oldest daughter, Attallah Shabazz.
The Sabrient Stealth Index is a weighted index comprising 150 publicly-traded companies that appear well-positioned to benefit from the academically observed "neglected stock effect," whereby firms operating "under the radar screen" of Wall Street analysts tend to trade at depressed prices and produce superior returns relative to better-known securities.
Golden Globe nominee Brosnan, appearing in a film whose entire budget was less than what he'd personally make on a James Bond flick, clearly enjoys sending up his better-known persona (early on we see him lacquering his toenails), but there's far more to his performance than mere self-parody.