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Synonyms for betroth

give to in marriage

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These two scenes establish the triangles of desire that motivate plot and subplot: Mall later betroths herself to Bowdler, and Phillis betroths herself to a man whom she believes is Cripple, but who is actually Frank Golding disguised as Cripple; by the play's end, each woman is re-betrothed to the true "hero" of each scene, Mall to Barnard, and Phillis -- this time knowingly -- to Frank Golding.
ella "im ken yehi mi-da`atah" ("No man may betroth a woman, except with her consent").
Dilly is beaten by her father and neglected by her mother, who promises to take her to Mecca then takes her sister instead and betroths her against her will to a dim-witted cousin she has never met.
Summary: Life hangs in the balance in a new film about an Iraqi girl whose father betroths her to a local sheikh, leaving her with a very adult choice: submit and forget dreams of education or risk death in
They will have missed the main event by then, the ceremony that really betroths them.