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The poor betrothed girl crouched trembling and shuddering behind the cask, for she saw what a terrible fate had been intended for her by the robbers.
I asked her if my betrothed lived here, and she answered, "Ah, you poor child, you are come to a murderers' den; your betrothed does indeed live here, but he will kill you without mercy and afterwards cook and eat you."'
What was extraordinary was that everyone not only liked him, but even people previously unsympathetic, cold, and callous, were enthusiastic over him, gave way to him in everything, treated his feeling with tenderness and delicacy, and shared his conviction that he was the happiest man in the world because his betrothed was beyond perfection.
"To-morrow, my dear betrothed! And be happy, Raoul: I sang for you to-night!"
`The third of my friends, although my rival, was much attached to me, -- his name was Fernand; that of my betrothed was' -- Stay, stay," continued the abbe, "I have forgotten what he called her."
"It is a beautiful diamond left by poor Edmond Dantes, to be sold, and the money divided between his father, Mercedes, his betrothed bride, Fernand, Danglars, and myself.
Phoebus had returned and was leaning on the back of his betrothed's chair, a charming post whence his libertine glance plunged into all the openings of Fleur-de-Lys's gorget.
Meanwhile, the good mother, charmed to see the betrothed pair on terms of such perfect understanding, had just quitted the apartment to attend to some domestic matter; Phoebus observed it, and this so emboldened the adventurous captain that very strange ideas mounted to his brain.
For a man to betroth a woman, we have learned in Tractate Kiddushin, requires two things: a declaration of intent, and the transfer of money or an item of value worth at least one peruta.
To hold the sun''s spears in it''s hands To thunder provide a home Yet drift aimlessly over mountain top Lie morose on invisible bed Clasp damply indented coastlines Betroth that rivers and streams are fed So, gather clouds!
Peddling wares enables the women to act as erotic agents, and, in the marketplace, they betroth themselves to men of their own choosing.
Ignoring Rav's dictum, accordingly, necessitated justification and no little manipulation--which is precisely what the great Tosafist scholars of twelfth-century France supplied and did, saying: "[As for the statement that] it is forbidden for a man to betroth his daughter when she is under age, .
References are to the chapter and page number of the English translation of Betrothed in Two Tales by Agnon: Betrothed and Edo and Enam (N.Y.: Schocken Books, 1966).
He relates how Roger Malvin and Reuben Bourne, the young man betrothed to Malvin's daughter Dorcas, are returning wounded from the battle.
Drawn loosely from Roman history, it centers around Mithridate, the aged enemy of Rome, who is betrothed to the young Greek girl Monime.