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  • verb

Synonyms for betray

Synonyms for betray

to be treacherous to

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for betray

deliver to an enemy by treachery

disappoint, prove undependable to


Related Words

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

give away information about somebody

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DAP will never betray its principles for New Malaysia, Lim Kit Siang said today.
Jesus is aware that someone in his inner circle will betray him.
I still like him and kind of want to have a little something with him, but would never betray my husband.
"Tripoli and Koura did not betray the late Hasan, but knows well who actually betrayed him, and who bears responsibility for his bloodshed!" added Hariri.
Kyrgyzstan almost does not have cases when MPs betray their colleagues, said Ata Meken faction leader Omurbek Tekebaev at the meeting of Parliament deputies, experts and representatives of civil society on deputy immunity discussion on June 27, 2012.
If one betray's one's God one essentially betrays oneself.
"Maybe some of the people who made this decision thought I would betray them.
"Betray the Night" tells the story of Pinaria, wife of famed poet Publius Ovidius Naso, as she tries to bring her exiled husband home.
When the disciple whom Jesus loved asks, "Who is it that will betray you?" Jesus points out Judas.
Anyone who lies to and betrays the people he or she loves will inevitably lie to and betray a public he or she does not not really know, he said.
If Big Government Republicans behave so irresponsibly and betray the people who elected them, while we blindly, slavishly continue backing them, we establish that there is no price to pay for violating conservative principles.
According to Badiou, there are three ways to betray the Event: disavowal, trying to follow old patterns as if nothing had happened; false imitation of the event of truth; and a direct "ontologization" of the event of truth, that is, its reduction to a new positive order of being.
The last words our hero heard before his death were: "Why did you betray socialism?!" Maybe that's why I sort of like the image.
Abernathy maintains that both Huck and the novel betray this evolving community when they land at the Phelps' farm.