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Florida betony can be identified by its square stem and white-to-lavender-colored flowers.
General Manager Eamon Rockey anchors the servers, captains, sommeliers, and bar crew that make up Betony's front of the house team.
Collections were also made from species such as black knapweed, betony, common rock rose, woodruff and pig nut.
Thirteen-year-old Betony hated going to her cranky great-grandmother's house; she'd rather be anywhere else.
Monica added: "If a headache has already started, betony is a fantastic herb, especially when combined with California poppy."
Fe'i cyhoeddwyd dan y teitl Meddygon Myddfai tua 1856, ac rydw i'n ddibynnol ar y testun hwn am wybodaeth o'r hyn sydd yn y llawysgrifau, ond dyma i chi ychydig o'r planhigion roedden nhw'n eu defnyddio: Un o'r planhigion y cyfeirir atyn nhw gan y Meddygon ydi Cribau San Ffraid (Stachys officinalis; Betony) neu Cribau San Ffred fel roedden nhw'n cyfeirio ato.
Thirteen-year-old Betony has always dreaded having to visit her great-grandmother.
A botanical survey carried out in 2013 revealed the site's existing meadows to have a high biodiversity value, including a number of important species historically associated with old hay meadows such as greater burnet, betony and pepper saxifrage.
Necementove malty a betony [Non-cement mortars and concretes].
"Fiona has not met Olympic qualifying standard for Sochi 2014, but she still has some races to try and reach the standard," said Betony Garner, British SKI and Snowboard's senior press officer.
Restaurant: Betony (41 West 57th Street, Avenue of the Americas, 212 465-2400) is yet to be discovered but is already hitting the right notes.
Pink and purple flowers to look out for include betony, knapweed, and centaury; blue flowers include meadow crane's-bill and the pom-pom-shaped Devil's scabious.
Buy seed mixes that contain ox-eye daisies, yarrow, harebells, birdsfoot trefoil, cowslips, lady's bedstraw, betony, yellow rattle and others for waving drifts of colour.
Hogweed, white dead-nettle, runoff plugged with waste or worse; rank betony. Love amerces love, & all proper cares of love's inflection.