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a stupid mistake

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Socrate se dedouble en maitre pedant et en eleve ridicule: le maitre enseigne et interroge, l'eleve ne comprend pas, ne repond pas ou bien repond par des betises. C'est le couple didaskalos/mathetes, ou l'eleve joue le bouffon et le maitre son faire-valoir serieux.
The writer's choice of the English word "dumb" over the French betise conveys a hint of regret.
One aspect of concern by Wazir [24] is about the ideology of the Ma' Betise' in the context of human relationships with nature.
Earlier this year, Betise returned to the circuit for the first time since the tragic incidents in search of closure.
C'est une erreur et une betise que les gouvernements precedents ont fait", a-t-il indique.
Ce sont des pays qui ont la betise de faire fi des preuves scientifiques, des avertissements des climatologues et des signaux d'alarme comme l'ouragan Sandy et le typhon Bopha qui ont respectivement frappe la cote Est des Etats-Unis et les Philippines dernierement.
Elle, c'etait avec autre chose, une petite betise dont on riait, un peu de sa nudite delicate, c'etait avec ce rien honteux et si puissant, dont la force soulevait le monde, que toute seule, sans ouvriers, sans machines inventees par des ingenieurs, elle venait d'ebranler Paris et de batir cette fortune ou dormaient des cadavres.
But the danger of betise is that of a particular kind of uniquely-human stupidity: beasts 'know' how to take care of themselves, while humans, when they are reduced to entropic drive-machines, do not; our effort, then, through the political sociotherapy of re-enchantment through critique is to aspire--as much as possible--to the 'non-inhuman' (see TC, pp178-84), to 'cultivate what it means to take care' and thus to take action through an ethos of metacare that is both politically and economically organised, requiring techniques of individuation--to take care of oneself by taking care of others:
Acute German shortages on the one hand, and on the other an Allied cornucopia which could provide an overwhelming level of firepower and a remorseless stream of replacements that could compensate for the grossest tactical betise. Add skilled public relations and a press hungry for heroes, and you had the circumstance so propitious that even Montgomery and Patton could seem like great commanders.
Talvez se possa resumir a materia geral de que tratam, lembrando o tema medular das obras finais de Flaubert, Bouvard et Pecuchet e o Dictionnaire des idees recues: a betise humana.
The return of the prose to this word 'bete' and relevant word connections (beta, betise, betement, abetir etc.