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Synonyms for betimes

before the expected time

Synonyms for betimes

in good time


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Since no man, of aught he leaves, knows what is't to leave betimes, let be.'
Time and again our governments and our leaders had come to grief on issues that were susceptible to muddling through if only they had honed the art betimes. Apparently, they had faltered at the first obstacle that came their way essentially because of either too rigid or, alternatively, too lax an attitude.
To put a finger on the nub of the question, it is obvious that the two 'distant neighbours', despite the lapse of some seven decades, have yet to demarcate their maritime frontier; something that could and should have been done betimes. What is worse, they have not yet managed to reach agreement on the 'land terminus' that would represent the base-point of the maritime boundary.
King James "laughed heartily" at his "stubborn English spirit," and said "that it was well for his son to learn, betimes, what sort of a people he was to rule over" (255).
She speaks betimes in her own voice, in the voice of Shawnandithit, and at times through a double voice.
Now blacke Will stirred in the morning betimes, but mist the waie, & taried in a wrong place.
Gerry O'Hanlon, in an article for La Civilta Cattolica, summed up the Irish church's challenge of trying to re-awaken the need for salvation and the good news within a cultural reality where God is increasingly "missing but not missed." According to the Jesuit, Irish culture is "betimes indifferent and hostile to Christianity and, in particular, to the institution of the Catholic church."
and unashamedly diatonic; but full of ideal horn-stuff, crooning sweet cantabile in the upper register, betimes boldly tucketing.
I arose betimes on Whitsunday morning, and went up a hill at a place called Gole Ronnw to see the Sun arise: and seeing the Sun at its rising Skip, Play, Dance, and turne about like a wheele, I fell downe upon my Knees, lifting up mine Eyes, Hands, and Heart towards God; I cried, saying, O Lord most high, that hast made all things for thy glory, give mee Grace, Wisdome, and Understanding ...
With the rapid development of network application, people's requirement to obtain accuracy and betimes of information becomes higher and higher.
Begin betimes, Occasion's bald behind; Slip not thine opportunity, for fear too late Thou seek'st for much, but canst not compass it.
Ten o'clock at night ought to find a man in bed--for that will not afford him the time requisite for rest, if he rise betimes in the morning.
And that, for sure, was the basis on which the demand for Pakistan was put forward, on which it garnered massive support, on which it betimes and acquired unchallenged political clout.
Some numerical examples have shown that the proposed method is betimes step to enter in this kind of problems to search for minimal solutions which remains as unfathomable issue.