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seed of betel palm

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From ancient times until the turn of the century, betel nut chew was prepared by women and served to visitors.
Most of the participants in both areas acknowledged that betel nut chewing can potentially result in mouth (n=274; 74.1%) and throat cancers (n=267; 72.2%).
Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Chen Chi-chung announced on Wednesday (July 10) that the council will complete drafting regulations on safety management of betel nuts production and betel nuts prevention to safeguard citizens' health within the fiscal year, the Liberty Times (LTN) reports.
Furthermore, due to labelling regimes chewing tobacco and betel nut are also restricted.
In another recovery of counterfeit items, the CIA police seized Indian betel nuts valued at over Rs.10 million which were being transported from Karachi to other parts of Sindh.
cigarette smoking, snuff dipping, betel nut chewing and alcoholism.
Chewing momma includes ingredients such as betel nut, betel leaf or areca, a white powder made by burning edible shells.
This manuscript has been specific, as it extensively and simultaneously focused on the harmful effects on oral health of multiple entities such as addictive and illicit substances (alcohol, betel nut), medications, alcohol-containing mouthwashes, medications and dental materials.
dangling at a ravine with his bag, a betel nut pouch, wrapped around his neck, said SPO1 Jehoven Gabriel, police investigator.
Yes, because it causes diseases and makes the city look dirty, especially those who spit after chewing betel nut and gutka.
It is not clear in the article whether the study groups comprised only strict tobacco chewers, the subjects chewing betel nut in addition to smoking, or a combination of tobacco chewers and smokers.
The local habits of Addiction: Out of the total 75 patients in the study, 58 cases (77.3%) had habit of tobacco chewing, 51 cases (68%) chewed betel nut, 20 cases (26.6%) were smokers and 16 cases (21.3%) were alcoholics.
For the first row, 4 boiled and 4 uncooked eggs (eight altogether), bunched of 8 ketupat, 8 sungki tied together with red threads, one cubit (small bowl for the telaga piring) in one plate and small cash (as a token for the men who are performing the miring and bebian (prayer) ceremony, and red threads; daun rukuk apimg and tobacco in one saucer; 8 chopped betel nut pieces, roll of 8 sirih and 8 gambier leaves tied in red threads in one saucer; boiled rice in one saucer; and salt in one saucer.
(Arecaceae) (local name: supari) is more commonly known as the areca palm or betel nut palm because its fruit is chewed often with betel leaf.