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seed of betel palm

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Nine to twelve strung lengths of dried betel nut slices with their ends tied, forming a ring that is subsequently bound together for placing on the offering Kan or hung from its edges.
Though the use of betel nut originated in South East Asia and India, the practice of betel nut chewing has spread with the migration of these populations.
Every man and woman carried a hand-woven fiber bag, where the betel nut apparatus was stored.
He said: 'He had chewed betel nut, which has a predisposition to cause cancer.
The association between arsenic-related skin lesions and betel nut and tobacco use has not been assessed.
The textiles are dyed with natural pigments, including a rich blue made from a mixture of indigo, rice whiskey, betel nut juice, rice husk residue, lime and sugar cane water.
Moreover, the novel provides non-Western views of coping with trauma, such as found in the protagonist's belief in Karma or the national Betel Nut mythology, that enrich current Western psychological theories about trauma.
Logging, the collection of wild vegetables for commercial purposes, and the sale of alcohol, betel nut and cigarettes had also been stopped.
An integral aspect of the conflict-resolution process is the importance, she says, of the observance of indigenous rituals that will seal the agreements two indigenous parties or communities have come to, such as the butchering of a pig, the drinking of rice wine or the chewing of the betel nut together.
About 70 pictures are included in the exhibit, ranging from Thai sex emporiums and Japanese image clubs to Chinese karaoke nightclubs and Taiwanese betel nut stands.
The churches I see living by the law enslave people with their commandments: no pork, no coffee, no tea, no tobacco, no alcohol, no betel nut, no dancing, no work on Saturday, no celebration of the day of Resurrection; but St.
Those most at risk from mouth cancer are smokers and drinkers over 40, but it also hits ethnic communities hard, especially those from the Indian sub-continent who use chewing tobacco or betel nut.
Information was compiled on each patient's age, sex, indication for surgery, type of surgical procedure, and history of tobacco, alcohol, or betel nut use.
The first betel nut depicts a conch shell, the herald of auspicious events.
Researchers have found chomping on the betel nut, a mild stimulant, alleviates the worst symptoms of the illness.