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(computer science) a second test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by an outside organization

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Continued reduced rate for first 2 years even after beta testing is completed
Successful completion of GUS Beta testing concludes the development phase of a three-year program initiated by DATAMap with subsidiaries of Insurance Services Office, Inc.
The five healthcare facilities completing beta testing of Affinity Pharmacy v3.
Customers wishing to participate in the beta testing of ADS 3.
During the program's beta testing process, which involved 165 dealers overall, customer contact rates improved an average of 50% among the dealers who provided direct contact numbers (as opposed to toll-free and third-party tracking numbers) and who consistently opted to connect with Autobytel customers.
We are inviting both rated and non-rated insurers to participate in the Beta testing to allow for the broadest possible level of industry feedback.
Participants will vie for beta access (participation in beta testing the game), free gameplay accounts (free copy of the game) and the grand prize -- a VoodooPC HEXX Extreme Gamer PC featuring SLI technology.
With guaranteed approval, pre-order customers will be notified once the beta testing begins and will be invited to visit the beta testing site, enter their account credentials and download the game files.