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(computer science) a second test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by an outside organization

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For the same reasons, attention must be paid in advance to the text of any "no-action letter" as confidentiality does not extend to "information relating to the insurance innovation necessary to clearly establish the safe harbor of the extended letter." This is of critical importance because the results of any Beta Test and any no-action letter must be published on the DOI's website.
The closed beta test will run from January 10 through January 17 and will be exclusively available in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.
For this new beta test, the Grandstream Beta Club is looking for dedicated beta testers with extensive, hands-on experience deploying and managing video conferencing systems.
Thoseaccessing the Form 399 beta test environment are invited to provide feedback on the form and the test environment until Nov.4.
The most prudent thing to do is a systematic, stratified, funded beta test of the program that will yield reliable data.
Assuming a product is "passed" by the outside testing facility; it is ready to be taken by the Marketing Department and designated R&D/Product Manager to the customer for its first outside Beta Test. Close communications is mandatory since procedural questions/results needs be addressed quickly and thoroughly.
Wilmington, April 17 -- Fozzy Inc., a U.S.-based provider of ultra-fast shared and VPS hosting and subsidiary of XBT Holding Ltd., today announced a publicly available beta test of Fozzy CDN, a new fast and low-latency content delivery network service for companies targeting customers in North America and Europe.
The Closed Beta Test (CBT) launch will take place on the 15th of November 2010, official Arabic Open Beta Test (OBT) launch set to take place at the Dubai Game Expo later this month.
The Navy completed a beta test of its Electronic Leave (e-leave) system which included more than 1,700 Sailors stationed in the Millington, Tenn., area.
The new census tool will be launched in beta test to BPA members already participating in BPA's log file-based interactive audits, as well as those members with print audits who have volunteered to participate in the test.
Following completion of the Expanded Closed Beta test, the PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service will commence in Fall 2008.
ENERGY RESOURCE-13 May 2008-BrightPhase Energy Plans Beta Test of Three-Stream Solar Module(C)2008 JeraOne -
Denver is participating in a beta test of a newly developed graffiti surveillance system in an effort to mitigate the city's graffiti problem.
The tools have been in beta test since August 2007.