beta rhythm

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the normal brainwave in the encephalogram of a person who is awake and alert

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Wolpaw, "Mu and beta rhythm topographies during motor imagery and actual movements," Brain Topography, vol.
The index of low-frequency beta rhythm with FPI perception is in the range from 5 to 16%.
Changes in the CPL in the beta rhythm comparing the two time intervals were not observed.
In the left temporal region, high amplitude alpha waves replaced beta rhythm in one participant, this is consistent with studies done in the past.
Mu rhythms as well as beta rhythms (1530 Hz) are suppressed prior to a sound action (such as tapping on a drum) and exhibit rebound enhancement immediately after that action, whether the action is performed, observed, or heard [29].
Beta rhythm manifests itself in the anterior areas of the brain, it occurs at concentration, when solving mental problems and visual stimulation.
As former researches show that mu rhythm and beta rhythm are effective for BCI control, the signals of 8-12 Hz and 18-25 Hz are extracted, respectively, for further analysis [29].
To finish with this point, it is important to mention that, just like the theta oscillatory activity generated with DHPG, potassium-induced hippocampal beta rhythm was reduced by A/[[beta].sub.1-42] but was resistant to A/[[beta].sub.25-35] [9].
Beta rhythm is not appropriate because the recording is influenced by mental activities of a subject.
Beta rhythm is obtained in alert subjects; it is a fast, low-voltage rhythm that is distributed over the scalp.