beta ray

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radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay

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"We are investigating the cause." Tepco said the radiation measured was beta rays, which would be easier to protect against than gamma rays.
Alpha rays carry a positive charge, beta rays carry a negative charge and gamma rays are neutral.
can release radioactive gamma and beta rays that can cause cancer.
Today, the company has five plants using either gamma or beta rays and one plant using Ethylene Oxide sterilisation.
The radioactive substance did not leak from its component despite the fire, but even if it had, the beta rays that tritium emits do not travel more than several millimeters, according to the office.
* Weight Control Systems GRAVIMAT FMI-10: provides fabric and area weight measurement via beta rays.
Immediately after the procedure, researchers randomly assigned patients to receive one of four different doses of radioactive yttrium-90 -- which emits beta rays -- within their arteries.
In addition, radiation includes particle emanations, most notably beta rays (electrons) and alpha particles (the nuclei of neutral helium, which consist of two neutrons and two protons).
He called the massive, positively charged radiation alpha rays, and the lighter, negatively charged radiation beta rays, after the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.
On page 9, the figure caption states that alpha particles penetrate matter more deeply than beta rays, while in the text the reverse is claimed (correctly).