beta radiation

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radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay

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The second cohort included patients who received excision with adjunctive beta radiation during the time period 1 January 2003-31 March 2008.
The documents show scientists were concerned about X-rays released by the bomb, but ignored beta radiation in tiny fallout particles absorbed by the body.
The DNA in your thyroid cells is a major target of beta radiation from iodine-131.
The PP material was modified by radiation with beta radiation doses of 30, 45, 60 and 90 kGy.
The measuring principle of thickness gauge is based on the attenuation of Beta radiation emitted by a nuclear source as it passes through a material.
But Thompson's monitoring equipment also indicated that beta radiation represented about 90% of the radiation to which TMI's neighbors were exposed in April 1979, which means an enormous part of the disaster's public health risk may have been wiped from the record.
However, beta radiation is more adaptable to changing processes.
NDC got into beta gauges in '93 with the first low-energy source of beta radiation on the market (200 millicuries of radiation vs.
Gamma and beta radiation created by neutron capture in the vicinity of the beam will cause backgrounds in the electron and proton detectors.
Along with a batch of untreated cells, these were exposed to doses of ultraviolet beta radiation for ten seconds.
Any possible health effects from it are the result of the beta radiation it emits.
131]I emits mostly beta radiation, which penetrates surfaces more shallowly than gamma radiation.
It also emits alpha and beta radiation, which can damage lungs, kidneys and other soft tissues, especially the digestive tract.