beta radiation

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radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay

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In this study, a FORS was developed for the remote and real-time measurement of beta radiation from radioactive-contaminated soil.
The second cohort included patients who received excision with adjunctive beta radiation during the time period 1 January 2003-31 March 2008.
Preliminary screening of soils at the back door of the lab facility has detected beta radiation at elevated levels.
Tepco said last week that groundwater drawn from a monitoring well last July contained a record 5 million becquerels per litre of dangerous radioactive strontium-90 -- more than five times the total beta radiation reading of 900,000 becquerels per litre recorded in the well, which is around 25 metres from the ocean.
A record high 140,000 becquerels per litre of beta radiation was detected, compared with 59,000 becquerels on the previous day, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station said.
The Osaka-based manufacturers say the garment can stop the harmful beta radiation 100%.
The water collected on Monday also contained 890,000 becquerels of substances that include strontium, which emits beta radiation, compared with 900,000 becquerels found in groundwater sampled from the well on Friday, the report added.
Similarly, caesium-134 decays into a stable atom of barium with primary beta radiation of 160 keV and primary gamma radiation of 1600 keV.
Beta radiation has a track record of successful use in the coronary arteries, and is easy to handle: No special radiation protection is required.
The documents show scientists were concerned about X-rays released by the bomb, but ignored beta radiation in tiny fallout particles absorbed by the body.
The DNA in your thyroid cells is a major target of beta radiation from iodine-131.
Despite the advantages of beta radionuclide therapy in destroying the over-functioning thyroid tissue with [sup.131]I, side-effects can also occur in these patients because normal tissues are simultaneously exposed to beta radiation. In all hyperthyroid patients treated with [sup.131]I , the optimal outcome is obviously euthyroidism without post ablative hypothyroidism but one cannot reliably accomplish this goal considering the number of variables affecting the outcome, including characteristics of the patient (i.e., age, gender, and gland size); severity and duration of the underlying autoimmune thyroid stimulus; radiation delivered to the gland (i.e., [sup.131]I fractional uptake, homogeneity of distribution, and effective half-life); and preceding antithyroid drug therapy .
as 1 Sv of beta radiation. The sievert is a large unit relative to
The PP material was modified by radiation with beta radiation doses of 30, 45, 60 and 90 kGy.