beta globulin

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a globulin in blood plasma that carries iron

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A slight decrease in the median plasma phosphorus concentration (Table 2) and a slight increase in median beta globulin and corresponding median total globulin concentrations (Table 3) were significant after treatment with meloxicam for 14 days.
The beta-gamma bridging was caused by fast moving gamma globulins, preventing distinct bands from appearing between the gamma and beta globulin fractions, and therefore forming a bridge between the two.
Based on calculations of TP and the albumin fraction obtained by the biuret method and the BCG method, respectively, 5 protein fractions were identified in the electrophoretogram: prealbumin, albumin, alpha globulin, beta globulin, and gamma globulin (Fig 2).
A rapid procedure for the estimation of total protein, true albumin, total globulin, alpha globulin, beta globulin and gamma globulin in 1.
2,3) Globulin cross reaction has been reported in samples from clinically ill dogs, (11) and cross reaction of BCG with beta globulin transferrin has been reported in rats.