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Its northern [boundary adjoins] the well-known ravine of Kabul city and its southern [boundary] adjoins the residential compound of His Excellency, The Descendant of saints, lords and leaders, Khwajah Nizam al-Din Amir Qawi, known as Khwajah Padhshah, son of the Exhalted, Bestower of mercy, The Pride of the religious leaders of the world, Khwajah Shah, the son of him who was exalted in dignity, The Refuge of the province of learning, The Mediator of external and internal knowledge, Amir Abdullah Kirmani.
Qur'an, 16:128) He says "And place your reliance upon the Almighty, the Bestower of mercy.
Amir Hamza (or, to give him a few of his fulsome appellations, "Lord of the Chivalrous, the crown bestower to kings who wear his badge of slavery, the slayer of beastly fire-breathing dragons, the captor of ferocious lions.
As he explains, by the term 'agent' (fa'il) he means the cause which bestows existence on things, as something 'super-added', as it were, to the thing's essence (allati tufidu wujudan mubayinan li-dhatiha): "The metaphysicians (al-falasifah al-ilahiyyun) do not mean by 'agent' only 'the principle of motion or change' (mabda' al-tahrik), as do the natural philosophers, but rather they mean 'the principle and bestower of existence' (mabda' al-wujud wa mufiduhu) as in the case of God with respect to the universe.
The god of this religion is not "utterly other," nor personally and omnipotently intervening in a universe he created, nor a bestower of post-mortem rewards and punishments.
Or drop by the Modern Life area and muse about the enduring mystique of Elvis - the ``king, cupid & bestower of marital blessings.
Firstly God gives existence, and secondly being Himself Life, al-Hayy, and the Giver of life, al-Hayyat, He is the source and bestower of all life.
Oscar-flagger or not, Bahiana said she would rather be thought of as a journalist than simply a bestower of statuettes.
She employs the first arm by the very fact that she does not attribute what she has to herself but redirects everything into praise to the Bestower of all things.
Al-Nursi explains that 'in order to describe His act to both eye and ear, the Maker describes His act while performing it: as a true artist, He unravels His art as He works it, and as a true Bestower of bounties He displays His boons in the very act of bestowing.
As Chief Bestower of Gratitude, Karen Trudell was featured on The Sweetest Occasion, Chatterberries, WNYT, as well as being showcased in the NYC Wedding Salon and Be the Change events.
that one cannot simply manage it according to one's personal whims and desires; and (iii) that one's performance in discharging one's duties will ultimately be judged by the true owner or bestower of that trust, i.
He juxtaposes the attitudes of English writers John Milton (1608-74) and William Shakespeare (1564-1916), who both tend to favor the follower over the forebearer--the receiver rather than bestower of inheritance--but interweave issue of religion, the family, and the state differently.
gt;> These ladies passed near me, one after the other, and Love seemed to speak in my heart, and to say: "She who comes first is called Primavera uniquely for this, today's coming; for I inspired the bestower of her name to call her Primavera because she will come first (prima verra) on the day that Breatrice will show herself following the imagining of her faithful one" (24,4).
Around the picture is written "Snefro the mighty god, the conqueror of the two lands and the bestower of power, stability, and peace of mind for all eternity" (11).