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Synonyms for bestowal

the act of conferring, as of an honor

Synonyms for bestowal

the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift

a gift that is bestowed or conferred


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Besides the bestowal of degrees, Medals and Certificates of Distinction were conferred to best graduates with outstanding academic performance.
The bestowal of autocephaly for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine that received Christian faith and holy baptism from Constantinople will guarantee its unity and preserve statehood that is now endangered by Russia waging a hybrid war against Ukraine for more than four years.
The bestowal of this decoration bears witness to the deep-rooted relationship between the business communities of the two countries and constitutes an acknowledgment towards Lebanese entrepreneurs who are committed to moving forward State institutions, thus strengthening the chances of the Mediterranean communities for a safer and more prosperous future.
That individual doesn't even need the external, ritual bestowal of baptism or any other symbolic sign of acceptance (cf.
Disposition is a word with multiple associations: it may signify a person's inherent qualities, the way in which something is placed or arranged, especially in relation to other things' physical property or in legal terms, an act of bestowal or transfer.
Water falling out of the sky in large quantities is an initial condition mdash a gift, a benefaction, a bestowal. But merely enjoying this initial condition is not enough mdash many more things need to happen in order to get water into taps every day and everywhere.
I congratulated him on hisHonorwhen we met after the formal bestowal of the Award on 23rd March.
Besides Israel's refusal to allow proper investigations to take place, there is also the context of the organizations themselves and their dependence upon the violation of human rights, which has created a vile cycle of abuse to the point of rendering humanity subjugated to the organizations' bestowal of impunity upon the perpetrators.
He added "This victory is the outcome of the steadfastness of the fighters, the sacrifices of the martyrs and the result of the steadfastness of every Iraqi in his work," praising "the universities continue to provide bestowal despite the threat to the country.
Another initiative titled 'Bestowal and Sisterhood,' culminated in a social event that enjoyed enormous engagement from all employees.
The bestowal of the exhibits was marked in a formal Memorandum of
Papal bestowal of archiepiscopal status set in train a process of administrative consolidation and ecclesiastical control emanating from Prague throughout the new province.
who fell in action in France on 27th July 1917 after having performed Glorious deeds of personal valour and devotion to duty which gained him the recognition of his Sovereign in the bestowal of the Victoria Cross, the most coveted of all honours and the symbol of that supremely unselfish courage hich has ever been the ideal of the British Army.
Yale's Nakanishi Prize is awarded every spring to "two graduating seniors who, while maintaining high academic achievement, have provided exemplary leadership in enhancing race and/or ethnic relations at Yale College." Normally, the bestowal of an undergraduate award, even at an august institution like Yale, is of interest to no one beyond the recipients, their classmates, and their families.
He argues that the crucial ascent of the short story in Canada really began during the 1960s, raising the quality, diversity, and prominence of the genre in Canada to new heights that reached a climax in the bestowal of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Canadian short story writer Alice Munro in 2013.