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Synonyms for bestow

Synonyms for bestow

to make a gift of

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give formally or officially

Synonyms for bestow


give as a gift

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But amidst your concern for the defects of your nearest relations, and your displeasure at this representation of them, let it give you consolation to consider that, to have conducted yourselves so as to avoid any share of the like censure, is praise no less generally bestowed on you and your elder sister, than it is honourable to the sense and disposition of both.
Wickham is the son of a very respectable man, who had for many years the management of all the Pemberley estates, and whose good conduct in the discharge of his trust naturally inclined my father to be of service to him; and on George Wickham, who was his godson, his kindness was therefore liberally bestowed. My father supported him at school, and afterwards at Cambridge-- most important assistance, as his own father, always poor from the extravagance of his wife, would have been unable to give him a gentleman's education.
She engaged him in many religious controversies; on which occasions she constantly expressed great satisfaction in the doctor's knowledge, and not much less in the compliments which he frequently bestowed on her own.
The Common People imagine, that by a secret Power bestowed by God upon the Temple, no Whale can pass it without immediate death.
The friend of his childhood, a man of the same set, of the same coterie, his comrade in the Corps of Pages, Serpuhovskoy, who had left school with him and had been his rival in class, in gymnastics, in their scrapes and their dreams of glory, had come back a few days before from Central Asia, where he had gained two steps up in rank, and an order rarely bestowed upon generals so young.
Sikes dismounted with great precipitation, holding Oliver by the hand all the while; and lifting him down directly, bestowed a furious look upon him, and rapped the side-pocket with his fist, in a significant manner.
Sharar prayed to Allah the Almighty to bestow well being upon His Highness the Amir.
'This bill will anchor in this chamber the authority the law that will now make it possible for this award to be granted and conferred to the appropriate recipient,' Mottley said, adding that the Governor General will bestow the honour on the Prime Minister's advice.
At the outset of the session, the Cabinet offered its sincere condolences to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and the royal family on the death of Prince Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and to his family, praying to Allah Almighty to bestow mercy upon the soul of the deceased prince.
Mong Hay also requested the King and Queen Mother to bestow the honorific 'Samdech' on Rainsy, whom he called a 'wise man'.
President Rodrigo Duterte is set to bestow on late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago the highest civil service award in the country.
Six young people, previously unaware of their extraordinary family legacy, discover they have been bestowed with gifts of profound meaning and power--vital to defending mankind.
In fact, Princess Anne had to wait for over 20 years before the Queen decided to bestow the title to her even if it was long vacated.
"Bestow" is a fantasy saga of heart-breaking defeats and exhilarating triumphs as these young people test their courage against all odds and prevail, having acquired strengths they never knew they had, wisdom beyond their years, and an understanding of true love and individual destiny.