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  • verb

Synonyms for bestow

Synonyms for bestow

to make a gift of

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give formally or officially

Synonyms for bestow


give as a gift

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AJK State bestows highest QPM and PPM awards upon him in acknowledgement of outstanding performance in professional duties.
I am confident that this nomination will be approved and a civic ceremony to bestow the honour will take place at a later date.
Borough councillors gave authority leader Darren Cooper's plans to bestow Brown with the honour on Tuesday night.
IT IS not unusual for newspapers to bestow nicknames of footballers.
Coun Harrison added: "It's a privilege to bestow this honour on people who have learned their craft through the apprenticeship scheme.
As He is Almighty, He is able to bestow it from on high, and as He is wise, He knows the purpose of bestowing it, ensuring that it is all done in accordance with wise and elaborate planning.
Councillors in Knowsley voted unanimously in December 2006 to bestow the honour on their town's most illustrious sportsman.
The title of Burgess was revived because only Royal Boroughs can bestow the title of Freeman.
The AICPA Tax Division's Tax Executive Committee [TEC) voted to bestow the Arthur J.
would appear to be unable to locate a more worthy candidate on whom to bestow an honorary degree.
In the caverns beneath the sea lie a secret with the potential to bestow unimaginable power, or free prisoners hidden under the glass .
Presented at the ASPI Spring Meeting in Amelia, Island, Florida on March 16, 2006, this award is the highest honor the Association can bestow on an individual.
IMing is fine, but you can make a hard-copy connection when you bestow your handmade, gorgeous creations on friends, relatives and anyone else you deem cardworthy.
She also served as distinguished professor of piano and was designated a Curators' Professor, the highest award the University of Missouri can bestow.
Such sensors might also bestow a new kind of spatial awareness on robots and computers that would help them to interact with people more naturally, says Brady, who plans to describe the devices at an optics and lasers meeting in Baltimore in June.