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become active


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You may unmask my soul as a loose aggregate of sensations; then it bestirs itself and feels the splendour of the night or the affection of a child, and is firm as a crystal.
Book Boris, who is a regular fixture in the start in line up of third division Vitas Bestirs, handily won the fan vote for Bulgaria's player of the year award with 3501 votes, 44 per cent of the total.
A thin cloud bestirs theft-- such a festive birth not to be droll sin.
A Dream Dissolving: The biosphere with seething life doth teem;/The stars are burst and formed anew to gleam/Within the cold and limitless expanse/While fragile man bestirs within his dream.
A visit to the theater bestirs old embers between Fredrick and his one-time lover, dramatic diva Desiree Armfeldt (Charlotte Cornwell), despite her current intimacy with boorish Count Malcolm (David Hess), whose wife, Charlotte (Sandy Binion), is not quite so "understanding" of his infidelities as she pretends.
But there are moments in which great evil bestirs itself with intentions that are discernable to those who have eyes to see.
Still, what the consultant is arguing is that it is better to have a nominal peace caucus within the majority party than a peace caucus that actually bestirs itself for peace when a declaration of war is up for debate.
In Limerick he drinks up the dole every week and drinks up his paycheck, too, on the exceedingly rare occasions that he bestirs himself to earn one.
Also, the land, "la terre s'en emeut," bestirs itself because of the monster, but, once again, no passion is attributed to it.
And that eternal sprite Norman Mailer (Lillian Hellman, we are told, called him "Normie,) bestirs these pages in both of his two guises, Normie and ab-Normie.
Achilles finally bestirs himself when Patroclus, his closest friend, is killed by the great Hector, Troilus ' eldest brother.
In the monastery's cellar, Marcelino offers bread and wine, filched from the monks' kitchen, to the haggard Figure on the cross who bestirs and partakes of them.