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become active


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Arab spring is for real However Riyadh and Washington didn't factor in that in the shadows of the Egyptian pyramids the Sphinx was bestirring, expounding visions of the shaking up of the established order in the Middle East.
In any case, as Paul's bestirring article shows, the problem of fetal pain isn't such a terrible place to initiate the conversation.
With the army doing its job, the political arm of the state bestirring itself and rising to the other challenges facing the country, and their lordships somehow bringing themselves to place discretion before valour--although this could be hoping for too much in the present super-charged judicial atmosphere--Pakistan could then, hopefully, enter the real world.
Clearly, there is ample room for federal action on fresh water in Canada, and, it does seem that the federal government is bestirring itself to, once again, take national water policy seriously.
Even more than choirs, organ music was also designed to inspire worshippers with a reverential sense of awe, bestirring them to moral improvement.
Yet if we really were serious about bestirring creativity, wouldn't we let Mickey Mouse enter the public domain so that Time Warner and Disney would have to create something new?
Why the gods have made Odysseus languish on Calypso's island for seven long years before bestirring themselves we will never know, but without Athena's support Odysseus might never have escaped that nymph.
It's only after gun violence comes to the suburbs that we see the gun advocates scurrying to soft-pedal their message--and Congress bestirring itself.