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The hunting party was returning home and the servants were bestirring themselves with breakfast.
The Apollonian likes the solitude and honor of the mountaintop, where his thought can see so far and delve so deep that those depths, when seen, see him; whereas the Dionysian prefers the passions of the crowd, the openness of alcohol, the bestirring of a martial air, the camaraderie of song.
Again, if you kept your eyes on the somnolent bazaars and the vendors who are now bestirring themselves only to ward off flies, you could easily forget you are in a territory occupied by a foreign force whose nationality you share and whose presence is the occasion for both earnest gratitude and violent resistance.
Even more than choirs, organ music was also designed to inspire worshippers with a reverential sense of awe, bestirring them to moral improvement.
Yet if we really were serious about bestirring creativity, wouldn't we let Mickey Mouse enter the public domain so that Time Warner and Disney would have to create something new?
Most modern American presidents have been content to take Latin America for granted, bestirring themselves only in a crisis as when John F.
But it is encouraging that some state and local medical and dental societies are bestirring themselves through school health committees, or even health instruction committees to work with the schools and evolve modern and dynamic health units.
It's only after gun violence comes to the suburbs that we see the gun advocates scurrying to soft-pedal their message--and Congress bestirring itself.
Driven by ever-increasing equity market valuations and growth challenges, many large corporations are bestirring themselves to build new enterprises that have the potential to grow much faster than their core businesses.
The authors emphasize the significant role of the PLO in bestirring the dispirited Palestinian masses through training of guerrilla forces, provision of social services and achievement of world-wide recognition through a highly visible leadership.
While certainly inconvenient, the repair work is the first clear sign that MRT management is bestirring itself to fix the rail system's many problems, which range from ownership and contractor issues to its operating above capacity.