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If martinis can bestirred and beer can beheaded; can drunks besotted?
"In light of the destructive energies bestirred by the Syrian conflict, one wonders if we are not witnessing the end of the post World War I territorial configuration," says Emile Bitar.
If those viewers are bestirred to comment on it, so much the better.
Indeed, in 1996, Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition did all he could to help Bob Dole beat back the challenge from Buchanan, especially in the South Carolina primary The same is true of the more conservative members of the Beltway Right, none of whom bestirred themselves to help Buchanan, even when they agreed with Buchanan on most of the issues.
Like it or not, the arts wing of the liberal establishment hasn't exactly bestirred itself to contradict the distortion, taking refuge instead in self-pity ("If they only understood") combined with superciliousness ("They're too dumb to understand").
Old Glory was put on the flagpole by men who cared; by men v/ho bestirred themselves, and took action to place her there.
A few Canadians bestirred themselves to express outrage over the leaks themselves, especially that list of valuable terrorist targets: the historian J.L.
When the sun does come, our spirits surge like those of children, and for the few hours or even minutes that it might be present, we wander out into its beautiful blue embrace, staring up and out at such rare and magnificent illumination, saying things like "Wow!" and "Geezo-peezo!" over and over again; and we can feel deeply, intimately, the puppet-string leap and pull of our bloodstream's chemicals being scrambled and rearranged, bestirred and invigorated, awakening even if only briefly, and become refreshed.
The historical setting is the eighth-to-ninth century, which is the period of the high Islamic Enlightenment, a time when for the first time Christian theologians bestirred themselves from their complacent view that Islam was a laughing matter to the realization that the religion was a formidable force that could not be dismissed or ignored.
Though Chesterton never bestirred himself in class, he carried off the poetry prize with a poem on St.
(48) It was this Academy, designed and guided by McKee, which in time provided the foundation on which the "bestirred" Baptists, following a decade and a half of investigation and debate, established their Brandon College.
It was entirely typical of him to say that 'the hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.' When 1956 came, Senator Kefauver started campaigning with a flourish, winning the Democratic primaries in New Hampshire and Minnesota, but then Stevenson bestirred himself.
Indeed they have bestirred themselves of late to make views on homosexuality and actions against same-sex people the litmus test of orthodoxy now that they consider their ban on abortion to be the theological equivalent of "settled law."
I made the popcorn, poured the vodka into the Hawaiian Punch, arranged the animals so they would not be bestirred by my bursts of joy, and sat back to enjoy gay-per-view.
The Inspector looked at Iola and she bestirred herself to make some tea.