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become active


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If one American in 300 can be convinced, if one in 300 is willing; if one in 300 can bestir himself; if one in 300 will only get off the couch; we can do it.
Sebastian Vicente, regidor de Madrid, en cuyo poder entra el dinero y efectos que proceden de los que beneficia la junta de bestir mi casa, de qualesquier maravedis a vuestro cargo, procedidos de los dichos .
The couch barnacles are happy where they are, blissful in their ignorance, stolid in their inertia, recalcitrant in their refusal to want to bestir and better themselves.
The exposure caught the attention of Lana Bestir in West Sumatra, who had been feeding a homeless boy for years after he turned up at her Internet cafe.
The pose of fair-mindedness, the charade of evenhandedness, the striking of an attitude of detachment can never be more than rhetorical ruses; if they were genuine, if the writer actually didn't care one way or the other how things came out, he would not bestir himself to represent them.
The role for public intellectuals today is to bestir the quiet voice of ethically engaged reason.
At last the preparations for the great indigo manufacturing business commenced and everybody began to bestir himself.
Reagan conservatives campaigned vehemently (and successfully) against legislative vetoes of administrative action, but their current agenda is to bestir a feckless Congress to control a run-away executive government.
Focus on the flip side} You and your bestir always walk to homeroom together, but this morning she blew right past you with barely a nod in your direction.
Should the afflicted also bestir themselves to imitate the master at whatever level of competence they can muster, their long-term cure is all but guaranteed, as Violet will personally attest.
He exhorts them to bestir themselves and mend their ways and return to the path of righteousness and morality'.
We'll see, and I hope I can bestir my self to get some words into print in his behalf, as I develop my sense of what he is into.
The sudden disappearance and the equally unlooked for reappearance of Premakumar Gunaratnam and Dimuthu Attygala has compelled even the generally soporific opposition to bestir itself, and ask for a parliamentary debate on abductions.
He suggests that Ellen and Old Hammond will have to bestir themselves if Nowhere is to be more than an "epoch of rest," for "new .
All those enlightened and thoughtful Nigerians who wring their hands in daily anguish on account of our wretched performance as a nation must bestir themselves to the patriotic action of proselytizing for decent and civilized political values.