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Synonyms for bespectacled

wearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass

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Your Poem Bridie the 13th BRIDIE, chosen for jury duty Looked calm, but was full of nerves They gave her a badge number 13 Said you'll be one of our reserves She was left feeling sickly When her chance came quite quickly Juror 12, a Mr Murray Laid low by an undercooked curry So dear Bridie, juror 13 Was now involved, you know warra mean In a strange case of horse rustling On a match day, in Anfield, which was bustling Small bespectacled, hungover "The Accused" Stood in the dock, totally bemused "I didn't steal anything, I'm an honest bloke" A copper said "ere hold me horse" "While I go for a smoke" Eleven said guilty, but that soon was 10 Bridie kicked off, like the movie 12 Angry Men She wore them all down and by half past three Still bespectacled, still bemused Harry walked free.
Another host of stars join bespectacled comedian Alan for chat on the glitzy sofa.
This is a chubby, good-natured and bespectacled blond Graduate student
ALAN CARR: CHATTY MAN (Channel 4, Friday, 10pm) IT'S already proving quite a year for our favourite bespectacled Chatty Man.
The bespectacled one from Bake Off takes a trip along South East Asia's great river.
Bespectacled people have always been typecast: They're too smart, too nerdy, too
The British wizard is the latest to feature on a commemorative set issued by the struggling US postal service but not everyone here is pleased to see the bespectacled teen arriving on their doormat.
The bespectacled suspect got into a locked cabinet to grab the 50-year-old Glenfiddich single malt from a Canadian state-controlled off-licence.
After being seen as a bald bespectacled old man in a commercial, Ranbir Kapoor will now feature in Pepsi's IPL campaign as a middle-class guy -- which he describes as his "de-glam" look.
Michael is a known die hard Baltimore Ravens fan - but even this reaction was slightly over the top as the bespectacled athlete jumped up and down for joy, wiping tears away from his face as the crowd cheered along with him." ( ANI )
For the bespectacled woman, the R2252 is available in a number of colour options, including gold/brown, rose/red, black and brown.
Finally, having asked if I wanted a bag - hmmm, let's see, do I want to display proof of my fierce intellectualism for the rest of the day, in the hope of attracting admiring glances from pretty, bespectacled students aroused by the sight of any man not carrying a JD Sports bag?
HOWARD, the bespectacled irritating oaf from HBOS, is a victim of the credit crunch.
My mind's eye always pictured a true high-end custom holster maker as a grizzled man in his 60s or early 70s; hunchbacked and bespectacled from bending over a dimly lit workbench 10, 12, 14 or maybe 16 hours a day; large hands with crack-skinned fingers rough enough to sand titanium.