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Synonyms for bespatter

Synonyms for bespatter

spot, splash, or soil


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Ramsay "without replying" "bent her head as if to let the pelt of jagged hail, the drench of dirty water, bespatter her unrebuked.
The victim was ruthlessly kicked, punched and hit with boxing gloves and a dumb bell before being left to die on the hall floor of the blood bespattered flat where he was found bound and gagged by his friend Jamie Bryan.
It stained the pillows, it bespattered the walls and it had flowed in a sluggish stream from the bed to the floor [making] a horrible pool."
Those found in public collections and reproduced in exhibition catalogs are composed with one large area of oxidized metallic pigment, surrounded by a bespattered copper surface (Fig.
The harmony was complete, with the sole exception of the Seconal and the spicy food, when the solemn lights around her body were abruptly bespattered. Lupe obeyed an instinct even stronger than death and ran, teetering on her high heels, toward the bathroom.
To enter, owners submitted photos of their bespattered dogs along with a short quote or description.
The wheels of my war chariot,/ which brings low the wicked and the evil,/ were bespattered with blood and filth.
(42) These non-conforming whites also suffered by having their tires slashed, their windows at home shattered, and their porches bespattered with paint.
(62) When use in the home was banned, the wife should be congratulated because she could now manage domestic affairs serenely since she was "no longer vexed by filthy spittoons, bespattered andirons, and offensive blemishes on the carpet and floors." (63) Church pews should also be congratulated when use ceased there.
Recently, emerging from my long winter seclusion, I observed a convertible sports car, with the top down, so bespattered with bumper stickers that I couldn't tell whether the driver had taken it through campaign headquarters or a pigsty.
Ironically, he wishes for the treatment initially threatened as a punishment: "His whole person was so bespattered with like filthy missiles, that he had almost a mind to ride back, and supplicate for the threatened ablution at the town pump; for, though not meant in kindness, it would now have been a deed of charity" (IX: 116).
Their mockery of kith bespatters justice, hideous enormity inexpiable.
contribute to the stability of the law and the continuity of the Court...."); see also RICHARD KLUGER, SIMPLE JUSTICE 711 (2004) ("A unanimous opinion of the Court inspires a measure of respect and obedience that even a single dissent bespatters. A single opinion says that the nine men have in union apprehended truth and now reveal it....").
Real hatred, real violence coming from all sides, lavishly bespattered on the bookshelves.
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