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  • verb

Synonyms for beseem

to be appropriate or suitable to

Synonyms for beseem

accord or comport with

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163 [phrase omitted] Clever talk and imposing countenance, 164 [phrase omitted] knowing how to move humbly and deferentially, 165 [phrase omitted] this ill beseems benevolence
Sad pause and deep regard beseems the sage; My part is youth, and beats this from the stage.
Give me their bodies that I may bear them hence And give them burial as beseems their worth.
It ill beseems this presence to cry aim To these ill-tuned repetitions.
9-11), said that Lancelot worships Guinevere, and some of his fellow knights worship him and Guinevere, because it more beseems them "To worship woman as true wife beyond / All hopes of gaining, than as maiden girl" (ll.
If The Castle of Indolence champions Industry, Thomson's verse-portrait enlists the poet among the idle: "A Bard here dwelt, more fat than Bard beseems," etc.
Thou wilt bring me soon To that new world of light and bliss, among The gods who live at ease, where I shall reign At thy right hand voluptuous, as beseems Thy daughter and thy darling, without end.
nor with all sorts of men; it ill beseems a Mechannick to play the Orator; that urbanity which becomes a Citizen, would relish of too much curiosity in a Countreyman; and that Complement which gives proper grace to a Courtier, would cause derision if presented by a Merchant or a Factor.